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How to Choose the Correct Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp

How to Choose the Correct Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp

DiscountRamps is proud to offer a wide selection of Heavy-Duty Loading Ramps for forklifts, cars, trucks, and even military vehicles, all of which are made in the USA. This page is intended to help you understand how to choose the right heavy-duty ramp and determine if you need any accessories for the job. Please contact us if you have any additional questions regarding Heavy-Duty Loading Ramps or would like to order your own custom ramp system.

Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp Styles


Step Deck Trailer Ramps / Levelers

Designed to load cars, trucks, wheel loaders, tractors, and heavy commercial equipment, these ramp systems are constructed of lightweight aluminum to make setup and takedown easy. They are available in weight capacities from 4,000 lbs to 23,500 lbs.


Car / Truck Loading Ramps

These ramp systems are great for loading and unloading cars and trucks onto or off trailers. They work great with flatbed trailers, Take 3 Trailers, and other high-capacity utility trailers. Various weight capacities between 2,000 lbs and 12,000 lbs are available.


Equipment / Bobcat Ramps

With weight capacities ranging from 10,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs, these ramp systems are great for loading and unloading skid steers, tractors, trucks, Bobcats, and other heavy equipment. Each is constructed of lightweight, durable, rust-resistant, military-grade aluminum for easy setup and takedown and long-lasting service.


Forklift / Yard Ramps

Designed for using a forklift to load and unload cargo from truck trailers, loading docks, platforms, rail cars, and more when a dock is not available. Typically made of steel, forklift / yard ramps have a weight capacity between 15,000 lbs and 30,000 lbs and frequently feature wheels for mobility and easy setup with a forklift. Available with or without a level off.


Wheel Risers

These service ramps and wheel risers are designed to be used with buses, semi-trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles for maintenance and service. They’re also great as display stands for auto shows and contests. Weight capacities vary between 3,000 lbs and 80,000 lbs.


Military Ramps

Built to withstand upwards of 23,500 lbs per axle, these ramp systems are built for loading heavy military vehicles and equipment such as a Hemmitt, Humvee, military HEV, MMPV or heavy armored vehicles, and military trucks. The lightweight aluminum design prevents physical strain during setup and takedown.


Custom Ramps

In addition to our wide selection of in-stock heavy-duty loading ramps, Discount Ramps can also have a ramp built exactly to your specifications. Custom ramps are manufactured out of high-strength, lightweight aluminum right here in the USA and can be built to handle equipment in excess of 100,000 lbs.


In addition to heavy-duty loading ramps, we have a number of accessories to complement our durable ramp systems including:


Heavy-Duty Chain
& Heavy-Duty Chain Hook

Perfect for securing heavy equipment to flatbed trailers for transport.


Lockable Truck Trailer Loading Ramp Hangers

Allows you to store your loading ramps below a truck trailer to save space.


Load Leveler

Allows you to store your loading ramps below a truck trailer to save space.


Portable Loading Docks & Platforms

Provide extra maneuverability for forklifts when not using a ramp with an integrated level off.


EZ Deck Step Trailer Deck Access Ladder

Provides convenient access to trailer beds. Also see our semi trailer version and dry van version.

Additional Questions to Consider

There are a few additional questions to consider when looking for the right Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp.

  • What type of equipment are you loading? The lower foot of the ramp may need to be a stub toe or knife cut foot depending on what type of equipment it is. Knife cut ramps are typically used for loading forklifts, automobiles, or other small-wheeled equipment. The stub toe foot is recommended for heavy equipment like skid loaders, wheel loaders, and commercial trucks.
  • How big are the wheels on your equipment? Equipment with smaller wheels will require the ramp traction cleats to be closer together because of the concentrated load in a small area.
  • Is your equipment steel-tracked? Steel-tracked equipment requires rubber-coated ramps so it does not tear the aluminum up.
  • Please contact us if you have any additional questions, and one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff members will be glad to assist you.