How to Secure a Loading Ramp to Your Vehicle

Securing your loading ramp to your vehicle is very important for safety. If an ATV’s rear tires begin to spin while the front tires are already in the pickup bed, loose ramps can potentially shoot out from underneath, flipping the ATV backwards and landing on the driver. Ramp safety straps should always be used when using a loading ramp.

Hooking Up Safety Straps to a Ramp


After positioning the ramps on the lip of the tailgate or trailer, locate the point of the ramp where the second rung closest to the tailgate and the center rail meet. Feed the hook end of the safety strap though the strap’s looped end, so the strap is wrapped around the center rail below the second rung.


Pull the hook end of the strap to cinch the loop end, making sure it is tight to the main rail of the ramp.


Locate a secure spot underneath the vehicle, such as the inside of the bumper or the receiver hitch, and attach the hook end of the strap. Make sure to attach the strap to a metal area only, since any plastic construction, such as the bumpers on some vehicles, will not hold it securely and may cause damage to the vehicle.


Pull the loose end of the strap until it is tight and the ramp feels stable and secure. Make sure the ramp cannot move backward, retightening the safety strap if necessary. You are now ready to slowly load your machinery!

Hooking Up Steel Cables to a Ramp


Place the lip of the ramp on the tailgate or trailer. Loosen the nuts on the safety cable’s U-bolt, and adjust the length of the cable so it reaches the underside of the vehicle’s bumper or hitch.


Attach the S-hook end of the cable to the bumper, receiver hitch, or other metal area. Do not hook the cable to the bumper if it is constructed of plastic, as it may cause damage to the vehicle.


Make sure the lip or fingers of the ramp are completely on the tailgate or trailer and then pull the cable tight to remove all slack. Tighten the nuts securely. If the lip of the ramp can be pulled away from the edge of the tailgate, go back and retighten the slack in the cable and nuts.

The Alumi-Loc Ramp Attaching System

If you use your ramps often, the Alumi-Loc Ramp Attaching System is a great time saver. The Alumi-Loc features a channel that many of our most popular ramps hook into, locking them to a tailgate, trailer, or other loading surface without the need for safety straps. With the Alumi-Loc you just unfold the ramps, hook into the channel, and you're ready to load!

If you have any questions during the process of attaching safety straps to your motorcycle or snowmobile ramps, do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: All ramps need to be secured to the vehicle or trailer when being used! Follow these instructions as outlined and verify the ramps are properly secured before loading and unloading equipment. Never use damaged straps or cables, and, if loading onto a tailgate, check the tailgate cables for any existing damage to prevent tailgate failure.