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Ladder Racks

Transport ladders, PVC pipes and other long items by outfitting your truck with a tough and sturdy ladder rack. They come in several styles, and won't prevent you from accessing your truck bed so that you can haul efficently and safely.

How to Safely Transport a Ladder

Three of the biggest hazards when transporting a ladder by truck are: the ladder falling off and striking a pedestrian or another vehicle, broken side rails from the ladder smacking against your truck with every bump, and vehicles driving into the overhang. Take these steps to mitigate those dangers:

  • Minimize rubbing and bumping by putting cloth or foam between the ladder and rack.
  • Leave as little laddder overhang as possible.
  • Secure the ladder firmly to at least three support points on the rack.
  • Attach a bright red cloth or flag at the end of the ladder overhang.

Types of Ladder Racks

Depending on your vehicle, you have a few options when it comes to choosing a style:

  • Rooftop: Good for SUVs and vans
  • Over-cab: Provides a third crossbar for additional support
  • Utility: Spans the width of your bed but doesn't hamper bed access
  • Side: Less obtrusive so you have still fit large bulky item in your bed