Landwave Skateboard Ramps

Create your own skate park with LandWave customizable skate ramps! These interlocking, stackable ramps and decks let you create custom ramps, fly boxes, pyramids, and more. The ramps have a lightweight, composite plastic construction with a traction surface that is perfect for skateboards, inclines skates, and BMX bikes. Available as single components or kits.

  • Perfect for skateboards, inline skates, and BMX bikes
  • Interlocking, stackable ramps and decks let you create your own configurations
  • Lightweight composite plastic construction with a traction surface
  • Rubber feet prevent ramps from sliding
  • Available as separate components or as kits
  • 300 lb weight capacity

Landwave Skateboard Ramps

Item # Description Dimensions Weight Weight
Status Price Quantity
LWR2 (2) LandWave Skate / BMX Ramps 38-1/2"L x 56"W x 12"H 32 lbs. 300 lbs.
LWSPB Fly Box Kit
(2) LandWave Skate / BMX Ramps & (1) LandWave Deck
115-1/2"L x 105"W x 12"H 48 lbs. 300 lbs.


The LandWave LWR-Series ramps are stackable and interlocking skate ramps for skateboards and BMX bikes. Attach to a LandWave deck (not included) to achieve even higher air.


Land on LandWave, the industry's leading stackable skate ramp for skateboards, skates, and bikes. Achieve higher air by interlocking one ramp to another ramp (sold separately or as a pair). The composite plastic used in the design of the ramp has a rough surface to provide excellent traction. Rubber feet at the bottom help keep the skate ramp planted. Combine a LandWave skate ramp with a LandWave deck and you can create some stellar jumps including fly boxes and pyramids. The skate ramp has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and has overall dimensions of 38.5" long x 28" wide x 12" high. The Landwave skate ramps are protected by a 90 day warranty.

Product Features

  • Stackable light-weight interlocking plastic design
  • Sold separately or as a pair (combo kits also available)
  • Rubber feet on bottom & traction surface on top
  • 300 lb capacity


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