Outboard Motor Stands

Work on your boat engine in your own shop or garage by mounting it on an outboard motor cart from Discount Ramps. We have several models of outboard motor stands at the lowest prices for use during maintenance and repairs or for off-season storage. We also have a variety of watercraft carts and dollies for transporting your boat, canoe or kayak over short distances.

Setting your engine on an outboard motor stand gives you access to every section when you're doing basic service or rebuilding major components. Outboard motor carts also give you additional mobility to wheel your motor into the shed for storage. We also have carts with folding handles for compact storage over winter. Don't forget an outboard motor cover to protect it from dust and debris! These engine stands and carts are made of tubular steel and come in multiple sizes, with the largest ones supporting motors that weigh up to 1,000-lbs.

Even if your boat doesn't have a motor, you can still find moving and storage solutions in our other marine products. Discount Ramps carries several styles of boat carts including kayak dollies and canoe chairs for toting watercraft across the shores. You can haul your boat trailer around the yard as well with one of our trailer dollies. You can even load a boat by yourself using a hand crank boat winch or truck bed crane.

Don't forget to visit our How-to-Guides as well for even more expert information about choosing the right loading, hauling, and storage products.