Calming Traffic in Parking Lots

Parking Lot Safety Equipment Guide

 Preventing Parking Lot CrashesParking lots are an essential part of many commercial businesses—they provide a safe place to park, adjacent access to your facilities and accommodations for your patrons. Unfortunately, they can also be a source of frustration for both lot owners and drivers alike. With so many cars in close proximity and people who care more about finding an open spot than cautious driving, it’s only a matter of time before a vehicle, property or even a pedestrian is involved in an accident—one that could be avoided with the right safety equipment in place.

The best way to prevent a parking lot from churning out damage claim after damage claim is to reinforce the idea that it’s a slow speed, pedestrian-friendly zone. This is best done by implementing a few traffic calming safety features into your lot to help reduce the potential for accidents and curb driving behavior that might be putting people and property in danger. Take a look at a few of the best products that can be used to minimize potentially dangerous situations:

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are best placed on straightaways and at entrances, where it’s easier for drivers to achieve higher speeds, and can jolt drivers back to their senses when they might not be paying full attention to their surroundings. Speed bumps are simple enough to place and benefit drivers of all vehicle types, reminding them to slow down so that other motorists and pedestrians alike can avoid a potentially hazardous situation.

Parking Stops

To make sure drivers know exactly where the space is and how far they have to pull forward or back in, parking stops can be a great addition to a parking lot. These barriers keep drivers from accidently damaging their own vehicle by misjudging the depth of a spot and can reinforce the dimensions of a space for someone who might be trying to make a tight fit.


Protect glass façades, load-bearing walls, ticket booths and more with bollards and you could save yourself a tremendous amount of money in preventable damage costs. Bollards are steel poles designed to section off parts of a parking lot or structure against vehicle access—they can even be filled with concrete to add stopping power for more protection. And, perhaps the most important use of all: bollards can separate pedestrians from parking lot traffic, mitigating the risk of bodily injury.

Wall and corner guards

Wall and corner guards are the first line of defense for lessening damage to both vehicle and wall. In tight spaces or situations where the sun, walls or other vehicles can obstruct vision, these rubberized protectors can prevent damage to vehicles where an unprotected wall might otherwise bring harm to them.

Optimal parking lot safety

A parking lot doesn’t have to be a place where vehicles, pedestrians and property are at risk for damage—all it takes to restore order and safety to a lot is a few simple installations: namely speed bumps, car stops, bollards and wall guards.

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