How to Shorten Tie-Down Straps

If you frequently use tie-down straps and the excess strapping is causing problems by coming loose during transportation or creating tangled-up knots that are impossible to untie, it may be best to permanently shorten the strap. Shortening tie-down straps is easy and can make the process of tying down cargo down less stressful and time-consuming, but should not be done if you plan on needing the extra length at any time.

If you’re looking for information on tightening ratchet straps, please see our article on how to assemble and use ratchet straps.

Shortening Tie-Down Straps

Step 1

Using scissors; cut the strap to the desired size, leaving yourself enough length to attach your straps loosely when working with ratchet straps. In the case of cam straps, allow enough length to firmly grasp the strap to create the proper tension.

Step 2

With a lighter or candle, slightly melt the cut end of the strap to eliminate the frayed strap material.

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