How to Safely Tie Down a Motorcycle

The first time you need to secure your motorcycle to a trailer for transportation can be nerve-wracking – nobody wants to use the wrong strap, tie down the wrong part of the bike, or forget a vital step of the tie-down process. Luckily, the knowledgeable product experts at Discount Ramps have outlined the following steps to teach you everything you need to know to tie down a motorcycle for worry-free transport:

Necessary Equipment

You will need the following basic equipment to secure a motorcycle for transportation:

  • Four high quality safety straps
    • Ratchet straps will never slip, making them the most reliable safety straps on the market. Use two ratchets on the front of the bike and two cam buckle straps on the back, or use four ratchet straps for maximum safety
    • Determine the proper strap length, width — 1" wide straps will work just fine, but use 2" wide straps for peace of mind — and working load limit required to secure your motorcycle based on the size and weight of your bike
  • Four soft loops
  • A motorcycle wheel chock
The buckle section of your straps should be made out of high-strength metal with a tooth-style gripping plate.

How to Tie Down a Motorcycle for Transportation


Install a motorcycle wheel chock, and remember to position the straps so that they will pull the bike inward towards the wheel chock.


Once you’ve used a motorcycle ramp to load the bike into the truck or trailer, wrap a soft loop around the base of the left side handle bar and place the hook end of one strap through the soft loop.


Secure the other hook end of the strap to a secure spot in your truck or trailer, preferably on an angle for maximum stability.


Pull the slack out of the strap and ratchet it a few times.


Repeat these first three steps for the right side handle bar.


Tighten each ratchet strap so that the bike will sit in the upright position on its own.

 Do not compress the front forks, as doing so may cause serious damage to the suspension of the bike.


For the rear of the bike, find a stable part of the bike and wrap a soft loop around it, then proceed to secure the straps to the bike in same fashion as done in the front.


To ensure stability, periodically check the strap tightness and the condition of the straps along with the load itself before and during the trip.

The experts at Discount Ramps are dedicated to keeping your motorcycle and other equipment safe during loading, hauling, and transportation. By using our selection of high-quality motorcycle tie-down straps and following steps above, you can rest assured that your bike is safe and secure during transport.