ProRac ProFormance Pop-Up Camper Towing Bike Rack - 2 Bike & 4 Bike

Need to take your bikes on that next camping trip but don't have enough room? Our pop-up camper bike rack is just what you need. Carrying up to four bicycles, the bike rack installs onto the trailer and telescopes to the correct height of your camper. The skewers slide through the front fork of your bikes (front wheel needs to removed) with straps securing to the bike's frame providing one of the safest methods to transport your bikes.

  • Telescoping uprights adjust to tent trailer height
  • Skewers mount through bikes front forks - most secure method
  • Universal fit for tent trailers
  • Optional tire pads protect camper (see below)
  • Optional wheel kit to store front wheels on rack (see below)
  • Optional skewer kit adds two bikes to rack (see below)
3 Year Warranty
Item # Description Status Price Quantity
RVPB020-1 2 Bike Capacity - Pop Up Camper Bike Rack
RVPB020-1TP 2 Bike Capacity w/ (2) Tire Pads -Pop Up Camper Bike Rack
RVPB040-1 4 Bike Capacity - Pop Up Camper Bike Rack
RVPB040-1TP 4 Bike Capacity w/ (4) Tire Pads -Pop Up Camper Bike Rack


Store your bikes on your tent camper for transportation with the pop up camper bike rack! The bicycle rack is available in 2 and 4 bike capacities with accessories to upgrade the 4 bike to a 6 bike carrier! Perfect for use on just about any tent camper!


Need to take your bikes with you on your next camping trip and don't have the room? The pop up camper bike rack is a great solution! This bike carrier attaches to your pop up camper frame and extends upward providing a support for the front of your bikes while the back of the bikes rest on the camper. The uprights telescope to meet the correct height of your tent trailer and the 80" wide load bar can hold up to 6 bikes and features a T-SLOT channel which holds the front wheel skewers for securing your bicycles. The front skewers are adjustable from side to side for distributing your bicycles evenly across the load bar. To mount your bike to the rack you must remove the front wheel of your bike. Doing so allows the bikes to be secured with the skewers through the front fork. This method of mounting is by far the safest way to transport your bikes.

Optional accessories are available for the pop up camper bike rack. A great accessory to have to store the front tires of your bikes is the wheel holder kit. This kit allows you to store your tires right on the bike rack. Great to have if space is an issue. Also available are tire pads. The tire pad provides extra protection for the roof of your camper. The tire pad is made of durable ABS plastic with a skid resistant foam base. The average tire exerts 13.5 PSI to the camper trailer roof. The use of this pad reduces the PSI to approximately 0.37 PSI. The tire pads also eliminate scuffing and scratching made by the bike tires. Another accessory is the skewer kit. This kit includes 2 extra skewers and 4 extra straps to add 2 more bikes to your pop up camper bike rack. The skewers are extruded from aluminum and powder coated for durability.

Product Features

  • Available in 2 or 4 bike capacities
  • No drilling into tent trailer roof - avoids warranty issues and leaking
  • Telescoping uprights are fully adjustable to achieve the correct height for your tent trailer
  • 80" load bar accommodates up to 6 bikes
  • Load bars have an integrated T-SLOT providing a clean looking and secure mounting method for bike skewers and wheel holders
  • Installs easily with simple hand tools
  • Universal fit accommodates most tent trailer designs
  • Fork mounting bikes is the most secure method to carry your valuable bikes
  • Convenient front loading design is easily and accessible
  • Wheel Kit available to store front wheels on the rack
  • Optional tire pads protect the surface of your camper
  • Skewer Kit available for adding 2 extra bikes to the camper bike rack
  • 3 year warranty


Instruction Manual


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