Mini-Lift Aluminum Low Profile Car Service Ramps - 3,000 lb Capacity

Lift your car, truck, or sports car easily and safely by simply driving it up these mini lift car ramps. This is a must-have for changing oil, service, or inspection and can even be used for showroom display! The extra long ramps have an easy 11.5 degree approach to provide the clearance you need for lowered trucks or cars with ground effects.

  • Reinforced aluminum is light, won't rust and looks great; holds 1,500 lbs per runner
  • Extra long length and gradual approach for improved clearance
  • 14" wide surface fits most performance tires
  • Raised, beveled side rails keep tires on track
  • Built in tire stops prevent driving off end
  • Rubber soles on bottom of ramps keep them from sliding
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1 Year Warranty


The mini lift car ramps are the ultimate solution for service ramps on sports cars, lowered trucks, automobiles with ground effects, or other low clearance vehicles. The design of these service ramps utilizes rubber pads on the bottom of the ramp to keep the ramps from sliding out during loading or unloading. The all aluminum construction is lightweight and won't rust!


These one of a kind car ramps are the only product on the market today designed to work with low profile sports cars, lowered trucks, or other low clearance vehicles. If you have ever tried to get a hydraulic jack under a low profile automobile, lowered truck, or car with ground effects, you know how valuable these car ramps will be. The extra long length of these car ramps and gradual approach will clear the spoilers of almost any vehicle on the road.

The mini lift car ramps are loaded with features not offered by any other car service ramps on the market today like raised and beveled side rails to keep your tires on the ramps, a tire stop on the top of the ramp, all aluminum construction that allows them to be lightweight and attractive forever because they will never rust, a wide 14" surface, and much more! Polish up the ramps to a high shine and you can use these ramps in show rooms for vehicle display! Available with a 50" long loading ramp for a gradual approach for clearance. If you own a Corvette, Viper, lowered pick up truck, a car with custom ground effects, or other low profile sports car, you need these in your garage.

50 lbs
25 lbs
3,000 lbs
1,500 lbs
Sports Cars

Product Features

  • Extra long length and gradual approach designed for low clearance vehicles like Corvettes
  • All aluminum construction is lightweight and will not rust
  • 14" wide ramp surface to accommodate even the widest performance tires
  • Raised and beveled side rails to keep your tires on course
  • Built in tire stops to prevent driving off the end of the car ramps
  • Wheel Stop Height: 3"
  • Serrated cross bars for sure traction
  • 1 Year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Before using the ramps ensure other persons are clear of the vehicle and the ramps
  • Ensure that the ramps are free from damage or corrosion before use.
  • Use only a single pair of wheel ramps at the front or rear, do not use two ramps on one side of the vehicle
  • Position the ramps in line with the wheels, with the steering wheel pointed straight and the incline against the tire tread
  • Carefully drive the vehicle onto the automotive ramps until it is in the correct position
  • Turn the engine off, apply the parking brake, get out of the vehicle and securely chock the remaining wheels on the ground
  • Before starting work, walk around the vehicle ensuring it is securely positioned
  • Always use jack stand if a person will be going under the vehicle
  • On completion of the work, check the parking brake is still firmly on and remove the chocks
  • It is important to drive very slowly when coming off the ramps to prevent the automotive bodywork from making contact with the car ramp
  • Exercise caution when using these car ramps with a trailer or three wheeled vehicle


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Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)


5 Stars Need Ramps? Look No Further!

John from CO wrote (April 24, 2015):

I needed a decent set of ramps to replace the old auto parts store set I'd been using since Clinton was in his first term. Although the price of these made me think twice, I'm glad I purchased them. This is a great set of high quality ramps. They fit all three of my cars (sports car, sedan and small SUV) with no problem. The extra length really makes getting on and off them easy. They give plenty of lift height making getting my creaky old frame underneath the car super easy. And even with the extra length, they are lightweight enough for me to move around without working up a grunt. The only niggle I can find is the rubber anti-slip pads fall off too easy. But a little industrial strength Gorilla Glue took care of that. So if you're looking for a sturdy set of all-purpose ramps, look no further.

5 Stars Awesome Ramps

Meritta from TX wrote (March 24, 2015):

I was impressed with how well built these ramps were, and the are lightweight which is a big plus for a woman my size. They are perfect for my 1955 Ford F-100 low profile truck. Would I recommend them to others, absolutely! Thanks Discount Ramps! :)

5 Stars Excellent quality car ramp

Phil from NC wrote (December 24, 2014):

I received these ramps as a gift to make it easier to work on a few of my low profile cars. I'm impressed with the quality of manufacturing and design. Works great. Love them.

5 Stars Sports Car Mini Lift Ramps

Murf from WA wrote (November 20, 2014):

Finally just got the ramps(on back order).Looked great !!! I use to work in a welding shop and the welds all looked good.They're light to carry so quick to move around.Worked great on all 3 cars in changing oil or general inspection underneath getting ready for winter.