Thrust Off Road Traction Tracks

Get yourself out of a sticky situation with some handy traction tracks from Thrust Off Road Accessories. These light duty tracks give your tires a stable surface to grab onto when your wheels are sliding in mud, sand, snow or ice. Just place in front or behind the drive wheels, pull the vehicle on top of the track and drive away.

  • Made of heavy duty plastic
  • Rigid surface for grip
  • Lightweight design
  • Molded handles for easy transport
  • Sold in pairs
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1 Year Warranty


Avoid calling a tow truck next time your vehicle is stuck by using Thrust Off Road portable traction tracks. These traction strips provide traction and reduce slippage between tires and mud, sand, snow, ice and pavement.

To use just place the traction mats in front of or behind the drive wheels and drive over them. Constructed from durable plastic, these light duty tracks feature an extruded rigid surface for grip, tapered ends and, molded handles. Works great with cars, trucks, SUVs and ATVs!

Plastic Traction Tracks - Traction mats for recovery in snow, sand, mud, and more
1.35 lbs

Product Features

  • Provides extra traction on surfaces like snow, ice, mud and sand
  • Works great with many vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs and ATVs
  • Constructed with durable plastic
  • 2 traction mats are included in each set
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Review Summary (Based on 1 Reviews)


4 Stars Thrust off-road traction tracks quite useful

David from MA wrote (October 22, 2014):

I bought two sets of these tracks (one set includes two tracks) to help get unstuck when my SUV gets stuck in sand, something that does happen occasionally. Driving in soft sand is a specialized skill, which I've developed, but one still gets stuck, as do others. You dig out the wheels and then place these tracks under the wheel in the direction you want to go (so if you want to go forward, you put them in front of the wheels). The vehicle then climbs out of the soft sand on the tracks. They work quite well, and have enabled me and others to get unstuck, so I strongly recommend them for people who often drive on sand. It can be hard to find them after your vehicle is unstuck, though, because they can get buried in the sand, so they would be improved with a length of brightly colored twine attached to each one.