Apex Rechargable Work Light

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  • Includes 120V wall charger and 12V car charger
  • Never burns out
  • Swivel hanging hook
  • Water, oil, and shock resistant
  • Switch-on handle
  • 1-1/2 hour recharge time
  • 4-5 hour runtime

Equipped with 60 white LEDs, Rechargeable Work Light provides a bright light for emergency repairs in the dark. Can be handheld or conveniently hung over the work area using the swivel hook. The portable LED light is manufactured from a lightweight outer plastic casing with a polycarbonate transparent tube, making it resistant to oil, water, and shock. The rechargeable battery takes 1.5 hour to charge for 5 hours of runtime and the on/off switch allows you to preserve the charge for when its needed most. Charge on the go with the 12V car charger or at the convenience of your home with the included 110V-240V wall charger. The versatile LED work light is ideal for various applications such as boating, camping, house chores, and more! Always be prepared for mechanical repairs at night with the Rechargeable Work Light.

2 lbs.
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