How to Choose a Wheelchair Ramp

12 Foot Long Wheelchair Ramps

12' long mobility scooter ramps are perfect for offices, apartment buildings, assisted living facilities, and many other businesses that need to be brought up to code. These ramps comply with ADA guidelines for commercial settings when used by individuals sitting in wheelchairs or scooters to ascend or descend from heights up to 12". Use these 12' long ramps as portable wheelchair ramps for occupied chairs and scooters in residential settings for rises up to 24" high. You can also use these wheelchair ramps in residential settings to load and unload unoccupied chairs and scooters from heights up to 36".

Our 12-foot long wheelchair ramps can be installed in any entryway or landing to create a long-lasting mobility walkway. These portable aluminum ramps create a gentle incline for people who use wheelchairs and power scooters. Use them in a variety of residential and commercial settings to assist disabled persons or make it easier to move boxes and heavy merchandise.

Many businesses and living facilities are required to have mobility ramps in order to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Building a wooden or concrete ramp can be a long, drawn-out process – and you still need to provide accessibility in the meantime. Our 12-foot scooter ramps can be a temporary solution during construction or permanently installed. Each ramp is made of lightweight aluminum, which is fully rust-proof, and provides strength and stability for indoor or outdoor use. When you’re done with the portable wheelchair ramp, it can be folded up or rolled up for storage until the next time it’s needed.

Discount Ramps has ADA compliant wheelchair ramps from leading manufacturers to bring your building up to code. These single-runner ramps and twin track ramps have a carrying capacity of 600-lbs and up.

Shopping at Discount Ramps will save you time and money on extra-long wheelchair ramps. Use them for apartment buildings, stores, office buildings, museums, assisted living facilities and anywhere else with wheelchair-bound residents and visitors. They can also be used at construction sites, film studios, warehouses and other locations to make loading and unloading equipment easier. Read our ADA Ramp Slope Guidefor more information about selecting the right ramp length for your needs.