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DAMAS Modular Aircraft Loading Ramp System with Serrated Surface

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  • All ramps are constructed from 47,000 psi yield aluminum
  • Works on C5, C17 and C130 aircrafts
  • Versatile and fully adjustable ramp system sets up in minutes
  • Serrated cleats offers excellent traction in all weather conditions
  • Eliminates the use for shoring lumber
  • Ramps are rated at 20,000 lbs per axle
  • Rubber pad bonded to bottom of ramps to protect the aircraft ramp door

Portable Aircraft Ramps are designed to lay over and extend the existing aircraft ramp door. Works with C5, C130 and C17 aircrafts. Made in the USA!

These portable aircraft ramps are designed to lay over the top of the existing aircraft ramp door and extend the door out to allow additional clearance for loading military vehicles and utility trailers. This aircraft assist ramp system eliminates ground clearance problems. The portable aircraft ramp system is built in the USA (West Bend, WI) and is manufactured from lightweight 47,000 psi yield aluminum allowing the system to break down in minutes and store compact inside the aircraft. This complete airplane ramp system can be set up in a couple of minutes and is very simple to use. We spent many years designing and testing this aircraft ramp system on the C5, C17 and C130 aircrafts. These heavy duty Aircraft Loading Ramps are ATTLA Certified (2012.02.06.1) for USAF C-130, C-130J-30, C-17, C-5 Aircrafts (AIR TRANSPORTABILITY TEST LOADING AGENCY). The aircraft ramp system is rated at 20,000 lb per axle and it consists of 94" long ramps x 30" and 36" wide. Ramps can be configured in any of the kits listed above. Customer can also configure their own system to meet their specific loading needs. Kits also include center, and end support stands that adjust to variable heights. The existing aircraft door holds the support stand in place by sitting on a flat plate on the bottom of the (more...)

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