Guardian Aluminum Dock Board with Curbs and Grit Surface

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 12,000 lb. and 15,000 lb. weight capacities
  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate height differentials up to 5" high
  • Industrial-strength grit surface for maximum traction in all weather conditions
  • Raised curbs with reflective coating ensure user is aware of edge
  • Bolted-on legs keep dock plate secure between loading dock and trailer
  • Lifting chain for easy forklift transport
Item # Length Width Thickness Height
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ADB-6036-15000-GRIT 36" 60" 3/8" 3" 15,000 lbs. 110 lbs.
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The Guardian Aluminum Dock Boards are guaranteed to provide a safe, high-traction loading surface, while bridging the gap between trucks and loading docks. These heavy-duty dock boards are coated with an industrial strength grit-coat surface to prevent slipping in wet conditions. This innovative high-traction surface increases workplace safety, reduces the risk of slips and falls, and prevents forklift wheels from spinning in wet conditions. Welded aluminum curbs on either side of the boards prevent equipment runoff while guiding forklifts into and out of trucks. The attached underside safety legs help secure dock boards to keep them from shifting while in use.

We recommend a minimum product width of 12" to 18" wider than the overall width of the forklift used.
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