Are Motorcycle Carriers Safe?

Debunking Common Carrier Myths

So you want to bring your motorcycle or dirt bike along to your destination, but you don’t have an empty truck bed or van. This leaves you with two options: trailer your bike, or get a trailer hitch mounted motorcycle carrier. Oftentimes people may associate a trailer as safer and more secure when compared to a hitch mounted carrier. This thought probably comes from the myths and stories circulated around the internet, usually referencing someone’s brother-in-law who knew a guy who had a carrier that dumped his bike during a road trip.

Discount Ramps wants to clear up the misconceptions and myths surrounding motorcycle carriers. Carriers are a safe, reliable way to transport your bike.

But, what about Trailers?

Trailers, of course, have the ability to haul multiple bikes as well as other cargo, but towing a trailer can be a hassle. Many areas are difficult to maneuver with a trailer attached, and parking with a trailer can be a nightmare. Trailer requirements also vary from state to state (some examples), making it difficult to understand what you need on a cross-country trip. If you only need to haul one bike or a pair of dirt bikes, a motorcycle carrier is your ideal option.

Hitch Mounted Carriers – Safe and Durable

Understandably, there are safety concerns regarding motorcycle carriers. There are also unfortunately some shady dealers selling poor quality products. It’s always critical to research the carrier you want before making a purchase. Customer reviews and testimonials are an excellent place to start. Discount Ramps offers a wide variety of steel and aluminum carriers, with glowing reviews.

Lloyd from Utah used the Black Widow Steel Carrier:

 Worked very well for the 2,100 mile trip, I will use it again. 

Adrian from Minnesota invested in an Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier:

 I needed to haul a scooter from CA to MN and this was the best deal I could find. Better design than the Harbor Freight and it shipped fast. There was no wobble using the included device but I did synch up the bolts at every stop. I only had a scooter with 10" wheels on it but it fit fine. In fact the rear weight bias of the scooter was balanced well by the scooter being off center toward the front. 

Truck Camper magazine posted this article asking readers how they transported their two-wheeled toys when camping or travelling cross country. Motorcycle carriers attached to trucks, RVs, and campers were the most popular choice among readers.

Vehicle Safety and Towing Capacity

When considering which carrier is right for you, it’s important to factor in the towing capacity of your vehicle. A 1994 Honda Civic is not the vehicle you want to use when towing your bike cross country. Your vehicle must be able to handle the weight of both the carrier and the bike. Since the carrier hangs off the hitch, all of the weight will be “tongue weight”. Typically large trucks and SUVs are required to accommodate this high tongue weight.

Will I Ruin my Vehicle?

Nope! As long as you stay within the weight limits of your vehicle and hitch, a carrier will not adversely affect your vehicle. If you’re worried about your taillights being blocked, or visibility being an issue, we offer a cargo carrier LED light kit, to increase safety while transporting your bike or scooter.

Note: If you choose to mount your bike on the front of your vehicle, take care to ensure your bike does not obstruct the headlights or air to the radiator.

Effective, Convenient Bike Transportation

When installed correctly, a motorcycle hitch is a convenient, affordable option to haul your bike. Not only will you be able to easily travel across the country. Discount Ramps offers an incredible selection of steel and aluminum carriers, with a wide variety of weight capacities. Eliminate the hassle of towing a trailer, invest in a dependable motorcycle carrier available online at affordable prices, from Discount Ramps!

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