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Buyer's Guide

Best Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Carrier for 2023

 Posted on: March 6th, 2023

When it comes to hitch-mounted motorcycle carriers, there are an overwhelming amount of options online. To cut down on the noise, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hitch-mounted motorcycle carriers on the market today. We’re going to look at price, material, construction and any added features that separate the top carriers from the rest.

We’ve separated our list into three distinct use cases to help you make the best judgement based on the weight and design of your bike.

 300 lb. Capacity Carriers

For smaller or youth dirt bikes, as well as electric or fat tire bikes

Our newest and lightest capacity carrier, this is a great choice for vehicles with limited hauling capacity and it's ideal for transporting heavier eBikes as wells fat tire bikes that need the extra track width.

 400 lb. Capacity Carriers

For dirt bikes, motocross bikes, smaller motorcycles

Because they’re designed for smaller bikes, the features to look for on the 400 lb. capacity models are making sure they come equipped with anti-rattle devices, and that there’s a youth adapter if you plan on transporting smaller bikes. Generally, the overall construction is more open compared to larger models, but you should expect the same amount of tie-down points and high-quality steel or aluminum metalwork that will indicate a product that will last.

Best overall and best budget carrier

Amazon’s Choice, Black Widow AMC-400 is the gold standard of dirt bike hitch-mounted carriers. Lightweight, a self-storing loading ramp comes standard along with an anti-tilt device.

Although similar models are available for less on Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces, take care when going for the lowest priced model as the manufactured may have cut corners in quality and assembly hardware to achieve that price point.

With the patented tilt function, the Tilt-A-Rack carrier by Black Widow is pricey but worth it for individuals who need an easier way to load and unload their bikes. By tilting down and extending the short ramp to the ground, there’s much less effort required. I can’t promise it’s worth double the price, but I can say that you if you struggle with the loading process, this carrier is a no-brainer.

 500 lb. Capacity Carriers

Small street bikes

Choosing a small to medium street bike or scooter carrier offers a wider selection of motorcycle carriers that are bulked up to support the additional load of those motorbikes. You’re more likely to find models with built-in wheel chocks that help stabilize the bike during the loading process, which also means that the carrier can only be loaded from one direction – something to keep in mind if you aren’t always certain where you will be parking.

 600 lb. Capacity Carriers

Medium to large motorcycles

There’s a lot to love about this carrier. Price-wise, it’s not the most affordable carrier we compared, however the heavy-duty construction and beefed up features make it a solid choice that is worth every penny.

Best overall and best budget carrier