Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier – 400 lb. Capacity


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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Designed for bikes with wheels up to 5-1/2” wide
  • Designed for Class III or IV 2" hitch receivers
  • Ramp installs on either side of the carrier and self-stores when not in use
  • Roll-on, roll-off ramp design for easy loading and unloading
  • Includes an anti-rattle device and spacer bar adapter to fit youth 50-80cc bikes

Haul your motorcycle without the hassle of pulling a trailer by installing our best-selling dirt bike and motorcycle carrier on your Class III or IV 2" trailer hitch. Made from high-strength aluminum, this motorcycle carrier is lightweight, easy to handle, and very durable. It includes a loading ramp, which can be installed on either the front or the back of the carrier and allows for loading and unloading from either side. The ramp stores flat on the carrier when not in use. Also includes an anti-rattle device to ensure stability during transport, and a spacer bar adapter for transporting youth 50-80cc dirt bikes.

400 lbs.
36.5 lbs.
Please note, hitch-mounted motorcycle carriers are not recommended for use on tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel and camping trailers. Never exceed the maximum tongue rating of your trailer hitch and be aware that your hauling weight may be limited by your vehicle’s suspension. Some vehicles may require air shocks or heavier springs to stiffen up the suspension and prevent sagging; check with your dealer to determine the carrying and hauling capacity of your vehicle. Motorcycle carriers are not recommended for use with hitch adapters or extensions.

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Stephan from FL wrote (November 02, 2017):


5 Stars Built very well

Joe Ranieri from PA wrote (September 13, 2017):

Best built carrier for the money. Very professional company.

5 Stars PERFECT for "FAT BIKE" Bicycles

Stefan from NY wrote (September 01, 2017):

After looking at $400-600 bicycle specific carriers, I decided to give this a shot. I will tell you that with a few very minor changes this works PERFECTLY! This is SUPER rigid and well made. The aluminum welds were very clean, no burrs or imperfections. The metal "carrier" which inserts to your receiver hitch has great paint, possibly powdercoat. Hardware was adequate for my application- a bicycle weighing 30 lbs. I wish I could post a photo, this really is impressive and I've had many people ask me about it!!

5 Stars Black widow aluminum motorcycle carrier

Gio from FL wrote (July 27, 2017):

It was very simple to put together and it works like a charm. Shipping was extremely quick and it arrived with no scratches and any other issues. I'm a short guy and it is very simple to load and unload. Would definitely recommend

4 Stars Good product..... but why I returned mine

RB from TX wrote (March 16, 2017):

Pros: Inexpensive and great value, lightweight, easy to load into trailer hitch with its 40ish pound weight. Fairly sturdy, well built, and happy with the quality overall. I found mine for cheaper with free shipping online and discount ramps price matched with no shipping for me. Cons: 45" ramp is too short for me personally. The reason I returned mine is it was too difficult for me to load up and down. I tried it like 3 times and I was worn out after the first try. Its not just the ramp angle, it was also the tires do not smoothly roll over the carrier / braces so I had to use considerable force and effort to rock it both into position and out of position. I cannot see myself using this product on a regular basis. I am a very strong and fit and younger individual yet on the shorter side at 5'8" and have a stock 2015 Honda CRF250L. The height and geometry of loading on a flat level surface was a challenge for me at my height as well with respect to the handlebar height. This was quite high and difficult to get leverage once it goes up the ramp and onto the carrier height. Perhaps being a taller person and having more leverage makes a difference, for me this product is unusable. I have a stock full size Chevy Tahoe SUV. I am having to pay to reship the item back to discount ramps & no restocking fee if returned within 30 days.

5 Stars Motorcycle hitch carrier

Carol H from MN wrote (February 20, 2017):

The product arrived fast. Instructions were easy to follow and this female easily put this together. I do wish I had ordered the folding carier, but it is easy enough to oder the adapter.

5 Stars Black widow aluminum motorcycle carrier

Mike from WA wrote (January 25, 2017):

Great dirt bike carrier! I purchased this to haul my RM 250. For 1 bike it is super convenient, I don't have to use a trailer or remove the Canopy off of my truck. Well made and relatively light!

5 Stars Better than I expected.

Rick from CA wrote (November 26, 2016):

Great buy.

5 Stars Best value for the money

Jason from OR wrote (October 04, 2016):

I did some research, and these type of hitch mounts range from $125 on the low end all the way up to $600 dollars or more. I borrowed a friend's hitch mount carrier for my dirt bike, and once I realized how they work, it makes spending more money kind of worthless. I bought this unit and couldn't be happier: - light weight, easy to maneuver - sturdy and stout - wheel chock system works great - tie down points are perfect The only thing I wish they would do to improve it is to make the ramp the same width as the hitch carrier. I carry my Honda CRF250X on the back of my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited which has a 3" life plus bigger tires, and the ramp is a little steep as a result (but still manageable). I can easily load, unload, and tie down my dirt bike by myself, which is what I wanted. 5 star product, and SUPER FAST SHIPPING. Great product, great service, great value. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to haul a sub 300lb motorcycle on their hitch.

5 Stars Nice carrier!

Martin from OR wrote (September 27, 2016):

Purchase and shipping were uneventful. Assembly was easy. Using this to haul a Husqvarna TE310 behind a JK Jeep Wrangler. I was concerned about the fit with the OE spare wheel/tire. Works well. Feels stable. Doesn't effect vehicle handling significantly. This product does what it's supposed to do. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars Great Hitch Hauler!

JD from CO wrote (September 22, 2016):

Very happy with this purchase. Great price, easy to assemble and take on and off.

5 Stars Great product and awesome customer service!!

Riley Henton from CA wrote (September 19, 2016):

First off, I want to say thanks! the customer service here is top notch! I accidentally entered my shipping address twice instead of billing address and got charged for the item but the order wasn't processed. They helped me get the charges reversed and then I made a correct order. I am 1,400 miles into a 2,300 mile road trip with my YZ 125 on the hitch and I AM VERY IMPRESSED. This carrier is awesome and bombproof. It's easy to assemble and the anti-sway bracket makes all the difference. Really happy with my product. Super sturdy and light! Thanks for everything, y'all!

5 Stars Great price light weight carrier

Tim from CA wrote (May 21, 2016):

This carrier is exceptionally light. Purchased the hitch pin, not impressed. should throw HPin in with carrier. The anti tilt bracket is awsome, really strengthens carrier. If the ramp was 60" It would work with any height of vehicle. My van has 4' lift. I almost purchased the black widow heavy duty carrier because of ramp 6' length. Glad I didn't I like the weight of this carrier, If I can purchase a aluminum 6' ramp I will . Great products.

5 Stars Aluminum Carrier

gordy campbell from WI wrote (May 19, 2016):

This is a great product. I put it together quickly and easily. Good quality and workmanship.

2 Stars Good quality but difficult to load and unload

Ken from GA wrote (May 15, 2016):

This is an excellent quality carrier that fits my Super Sherpa well. The carrier is very steady while travelling with no real shake or sway. However, I found it very difficult to unload by myself. I am 64 and not the strongest person out there. But the bike is also not that heavy at 282 pounds wet. The wheels get stuck in the cross pieces and it takes a lot of effort to move the bike o of them. I had some help unloading it at an event, but when I tried to unload it at home I ended up dropping it off the carrier. I couldn't find a good way to back it out of the gaps between the angle cross pieces and still maintain control. I'll probably get some aluminum diamond plate and make the platform solid. All the other carriers I saw this weekend had solid platforms, not open like this one. Just be aware if your bike is other than a light dirt bike that you may have problems loading and especially unloading.


Bill from MI wrote (March 27, 2016):

This is the First time I ever had a Hitch Mount like this and it Works GREAT. I would Highly recommend it to anyone who hauls ant type of Smaller Motorcycles, Mopeds and Scooters.

5 Stars works well

john from NM wrote (March 11, 2016):

Using this to haul a full size mx bike (KX250) behind my JK Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Fits fine with OE spare wheel/tire. Works well. Not much swaying. Feels stable. Doesn't effect how vehicle drives very much at all.

5 Stars Great Product & Great Value

Ross from CA wrote (March 04, 2016):

Went together very easy. Worked like a champ. You might want to upgrade some of the hardware, big deal. Would highly recommend.

5 Stars Exceptional value

Mark from WY wrote (February 26, 2016):

Light weight. Affordable. Hope to stop towing a cargo trailer behind motor home. I wish it stuck out a bit further so handlebars better clear the vertical back of my RV.

5 Stars Best Option

Mike from TX wrote (February 06, 2016):

First review ever. I am not a writer so sorry if it turns out like a 5th grader wrote it. I am moving and wanted something to move my CRF250L. I was going to get a small utility trailer, but decided to go with this ramp instead because of price, quality based on other reviews, size to store, and weight cap. Just received it in the mail today. The packaging was excellent! Everything was in the box and it even came with the hitch stabilizer which I did not know it came with. No damage found on anything and welds look clean. Putting it together was easy used direction to begin, but found it was engineered that a child could assemble it without directions. Feels extremely sturdy. I will be traveling half way across the USA in a few months, so that should be a good test of quality. If it turns out to be junk I will downgrade stars for sure. If its golden, i wont change a thing. Mike.

5 Stars Great Hitch/Ramp

Mary from MN wrote (December 09, 2015):

We attached it to our 5th wheel camper. Now we can both use the motor cycle around the camp ground. Supported the cycle perfectly. Never worried about it slipping or twisting. Lite weight yet durable. Very satisfied.

5 Stars Best score online!

evan trauntvein from CA wrote (November 18, 2015):

So stoked on this! was such a breeze to set up and shipping was so fast! Great product and well described, will be buying from you guys in the future.

5 Stars Fantastic product!

Old Dad from WI wrote (August 18, 2015):

Was very skeptical of getting a rack such as thinking it would be too heavy on the back and bounce all over. Was I ever wrong, this rack is sweet! I don't own a truck and my son and I found two 1980's Honda xl250r's. He has one up at college 250 miles away and there are great trails all over. I didn't want to pull a trailer that far so started looking around for a receiver hitch rack for my Honda Pilot. I almost bought a Harbor Freight or Walmart steel rack thinking they would be the cheapest and then I saw your rack. It's lightweight aluminum, easy to assemble, incredibly stable when installed, I don't even notice it is on the back of my vehicle. I ordered it and was shocked to get it in two days flat. I highly recommend this rack over all others of its type, American quality at a very tight price. Stop looking around, order it, there is no better deal!

5 Stars Great dirt bike carrier

Justin from MI wrote (August 06, 2015):

Took a while to assemble, but easiest system for taking your bike to the trails. My only complaint is that the ramp could be wider to avoid it wobbling while rolling the bike off of the carrier.

5 Stars Worked great for my use.

Adrian from MN wrote (July 23, 2015):

I needed to haul a scooter from CA to MN and this was the best deal I could find. Better design than the Harbor Freight and it shipped fast. There was no wobble using the included device but I did synch up the bolts at every stop. I only had a scooter with 10" wheels on it but it fit fine. In fact the rear weight bias of the scooter was balanced well by the scooter being off center toward the front. I read several places these were not recommended for scooters but the reason is the short ramp makes the scooter bottom out during loading. I figured I could park along a hill to load/unload and avoid the problem. You could make a longer ramp or in my case just lift the back end over the edge. I also used a cable from Home Depot with a padlock to loop around the floorboard and thru the rungs as well to act as a theft deterrent. I had a Canyon Dancer 2 on the front and had synch straps locking the wheels down. Even without the rear tied down it never loosened or moved beyond the expected wiggle. I would have tied the rear but there was no good places that wouldn't have required major part removal. I was using an old Rav4 and I had to remove the spare and its mount from the rear door. Hadn't even considered the distance from the hitch pin to the rack but was fine. I hope this is helpful for anyone else who flies across country and picks up a car and mounts a hitch and carrier to haul a scooter sight unseen across the country. I sure see a lot of this model on vehicles here in MN and now I can see why. It's clearly the best bargain hauler out there.

5 Stars AMC-400

Mark from OH wrote (July 22, 2015):

Bought this carrier after I sold my truck and needed a way to haul my enduro around on my new SUV. I based my decision to buy this on price, reputation of, and the reviews of other purchasers. Ordering it was easy, it shipped very fast with tracking info provided immediately, and it arrived in 2 days. It was well packed. Assembly was easy - though I would have liked to see some torque specs provided in the instructions and the bolts are pretty soft steel (metric grade 4.8). The carrier feels "substantial" and well built. In use, it is stable and seems to hold the bike solidly and keeps it a safe distance from the back of the SUV. The ramp mounting feels somewhat rickety and uses small bots and wing nuts, so I personally would either run a safety strap around the ramp or (my choice) just toss it in the truck. I am able to load and unload it by myself, no problem. I did buy 2 KTM Powerparts ratchet straps, which have a carabiner at one end and a soft loop at the other, and these work very well. I also added a chain to each footpeg as a failsafe security measure. Overall assessment: hard to beat this for the price, seems solid, and carries the bike well.


Connie from MN wrote (July 08, 2015):

ROCKET FAST SHIPPING! Researched local stores and online for a high quality carrier for my Genuine Buddy Scooter, decided to purchase this carrier for high quality, well constructed yet light weight, ease of use. I assembled it easily myself. Totally satisfied.

4 Stars Rage Powersports Motorcycle Carrier

Matt from MA wrote (July 05, 2015):

Great product and great price - works fantastic!! Went together quickly and holds my 250 four stroke great!! Only complaint was that one of the 2 holes for the bolts to hold the ramp on when not in use was not there - but - was solved in minutes w/ a drill and bit.. Overall - great value..

5 Stars Unbelievable Deal!!!

Lamar from PA wrote (June 11, 2015):

Hands down there isn't a better deal on a hitch style carrier! It's hard to imagine you can get a lightweight carrier of this quality for what Discount Ramps sells this one for. It all arrives with quick shipping and well packaged, and assembly is a snap. Easy to load and unload all my bikes. I really like the hitch lock feature which prevents the bike from flopping from side to side while going down the road like some of the competitors products. I also like the tie down location vs the other brands. Doesn't stick out to bang your legs on every time you walk around it, and is easier to judge when parking. Also makes storage between uses easier. So just in case you couldn't tell, I'm loving this carrier!

5 Stars AMC-400

Erik from WA wrote (May 28, 2015):

What a great product for hauling a motor bike behind a SUV. ( Since you can't fit it in the back like a truck.) The price was right, and easily assembled. I would definitely recommend to everyone with a similar circumstance.

5 Stars Telling all my friends!

Tim from WA wrote (May 12, 2015):

What a great website easy to navigate and full of great information. I was shocked by how affordable their products and great selection stacks up against other sites. I received my order two days ahead of schedule. Luckily I had some tie downs and had my bike up and loaded shortly after delivery from UPS. Usually I experience some kind of issue when shopping online, not this time. Anyone looking for a motorcycle ramp should definitely shop here.

5 Stars AMC-400 hitch carrier

Jerry from CA wrote (May 11, 2015):

This is a very good ramp. Holds my KTM 250SX very well. Light weight to lift into hitch. 1 man operation. don't have to haul a trailer around so this was the ticket for me. Very affordable price. Only negative that I had was the loading ramp had some sharp inner rails and shaved off some of the side nubs off my front tire so watch out for that.


TIM from MI wrote (April 29, 2015):

Excellent videos explaining assembly and loading. Good advice to have two persons to load and unload. The rear wheel tracks straight on the loading ramp when loading but has a tendency to go off track when unloading. My advice is keep the brake ready and go slowly when unloading so that your helper can adjust things if needed. I was worried that the carrier would wobble and bob on the road but my Honda was carried steady as a rock.

4 Stars Great Product

Tyler from CA wrote (March 16, 2015):

Love the weight and design. Only drawback is lack of tie down bars on either end - instead you ratchet to the middle. Make sure to anchor the bike to something on the vehicle as I've seen bikes bounce out off road or fall sideways on the fwy due to wind resistance. Otherwise, great product and value!

5 Stars AMC-400 review w/ Honda Trail bike

Chris from WA wrote (March 09, 2015):

I purchased this AMC-400 carrier specifically for my Honda CT110, to carry behind my Honda mini van. The max hitch weight for the Odyssey is 350lb, so the CT110 is 200lbs, plus the rack 50 lbs is fine. Everything fits great and I'm very happy. Assembly was simple. Great solution for me. I also bought the motorcycle tie down kit, works well, use to use. Recommended.

5 Stars Awesome Rack! Even better service!

Will from MI wrote (March 07, 2015):

Just received my new Rage Power Sports motorcycle carrier. It came almost in an instant. Couldn't believe how fast it arrived. The people I dealt with were amazing. Have it already assembled and installed on my truck. Practiced loading my new Honda CB300F on it and it was a breeze! Can't wait for riding weather. Heading to California with my new Discount Ramps hitch rack and Honda! Thanks Again!

4 Stars great product

Darrell from ID wrote (February 23, 2015):

everything was there and was easy to put together. There were no holes to mount ramp on the inside. Looks like a good quality setup.

5 Stars Love it! Exactly what I wanted

Jon from CA wrote (February 18, 2015):

The construction quality is very good. Its light weight which is awesome! Its easy to load my bike and its easy and quick to put the carrier on and off my SUV. I highly recommend it for carrying a dirt bike.

5 Stars Can't come close to building anything like this unless you are a fabricator!

MIchael from TX wrote (February 11, 2015):

Built my own out of steel i-beam 13 years ago. was super strong and stable but it was so heavy I quit using it. When I was building it out of scrap I was wishing I was an aluminum welder so I could make one but then the cost of materials would have been ridiculous. You simply cannot beat the price and quality of construction. Even if this wears out in 2 years I will gladly buy another one and sell the scrap to recyclers haha.

5 Stars Best dirt bike carrier ever

Kevin B. from CA wrote (January 24, 2015):

I bought another AMC-400 carrier. I was out of dirt biking for a few years and now that I am back, this is the ramp of choice. I have recommended this carrier to my female dirt biker friend and she is liking this carrier as well. This carrier is light weight, strong and safely secures the bike. I feel confident that my brand new 2015 KTM ECF 350 is safe. Discount Ramps is a great place to shop and have fair prices. Thank you. Lifetime customer.

5 Stars Great ramp at a good price...

Brian from NY wrote (January 18, 2015):

Took the ramp on a 1500 mile trip from N.Y. to Florida and back. No problems whatsoever..

5 Stars Motorcycle carrier 400#

Tim Closs from TX wrote (January 15, 2015):

I bought this to mount on the back of my RV to haul My wife's Honda scooter. It works great, the ramp makes it a no hassle load. The rack is light which helps with my RV hitch capacity and was no problem to install.

5 Stars AMC400

Tom from IN wrote (January 15, 2015):

I sent an E-mail asking them to contact me via e-mail when they got the product back in stock, as they were out of stock when I was shopping. They responded in just a couple days. I ordered it, received a tracking code. It arrived just when estimated. Works great behind my mini van, hauling an XR650 Honda. The stabilizing feature keeps the load from moving even on rough roads. Great product!

5 Stars Great Carrier

Mike from TN wrote (January 14, 2015):

I tote a 400cc KTM. Carrier is sturdy, stable and very easy to use. Bike fits on my Toyota FJ Cruiser WITH the spare tire still installed.

5 Stars Very well built carrier

David from TN wrote (January 14, 2015):

The carrier arrived on time. Included parts just as stated in the description. Instructions were included and the video on the web site made assembly a breeze. Very good quality carrier. Holds my Suzuki DR200 very well, no wobble. I also use the carrier to transport my Prodeco electric mountain bike.

5 Stars Just as I expected...

David from NY wrote (January 14, 2015):

Delivery timing was as promised. All bolts and hardware were included and secured despite a fist sized whole in the box. The AMC-400 was easily assembled at the point of pickup and I was able to drive away with it installed on my hitch.

4 Stars A good ramp for little money

Fletch Newland from WA wrote (January 11, 2015):

When needing to replace my Harbor Freight ramp (it got hit by a car), I looked into this one. It was essentially the same kind of money but is a good bit more ramp. It is far more stable and the moto rocks far less side to side when loaded. All in all, it does what it is supposed to and is quite affordable. I use it for my KTM's - 250 and a 690 that kitted out weighs 325 dry. Handles those no problem.

5 Stars Perfect for Dual Sport weekends!

Larry from GA wrote (January 11, 2015):

My DRZ 400s weighs just over 300 lbs so I was a little concerned about how the carrier, the hitch and the F150 would handle it. Also, I needed to be able to load and unload by myself. I'm just under 6' so loading was easy. I first attached a short tie-down to rack then clutched the bike up the ramp. MAKE SURE IT'S IN NUTRAL BEFORE YOU STOP THE ENGINE. I attached the ratcheting ties to the handle bars an the subframe. Can definitely tell there is weight on the back the bike didn't twist or shake at all. Unloading is a little harder. While holding the bike with left hand I pulled the back tire backwards to the get the front out of its "pocket". I have no negative things to say but I have a whole season of Dual Sport and off-road riding ahead!

5 Stars great bike carrier

Chris from FL wrote (January 03, 2015):

great product, good construction, easy to put together and holds my '75 CB360 just fine.

5 Stars AMC-400

Vidal Alvarez Jr from CA wrote (December 21, 2014):

Perfect- for my Motoped Mountain Bike nice and light-easy to put together- easy to store in garage

4 Stars Nice ramp at a great price....

Brian from NY wrote (November 03, 2014):

We purchased a small Yamaha V star 250 for my wife which was located out of state. The bike weighs 325lbs. so I decided to buy a small carrier instead of a one shot rental. The assembly was very easy (about 15 Minutes total) and the ramp is very light. I did have a bit of and issue with the hardware that is supplied with the carrier. They are not high quality bolts and nuts and I could easily have stripped them out. I will replace them for a few dollars just for piece of mind. I guess a street bike sits a tad lower than a dirt bike and I had a problem where the frame of the bike made contact with the carrier as we were loading right where the ramp and carrier meet. The ramp would actually have to be longer to get around this. We fortunately had another helper who lifted the bike a bit from the rear and we cleared the carrier. Just be prepared and see if you can raise the ramp prior to loading. Very happy with the 400 mile trip and how the carrier performed. I did check on the bolts on the anti-rattle device they include and tweaked them twice during the trip. Overall the carrier is worth the money due to compactness and light weight.

5 Stars Great option for low cost carrier

KTM_Dude from WA wrote (September 26, 2014):

I don't have a pickup or a trailer, but my riding buddies do so I just needed something for mostly short hauls, this carrier is actually very sturdy and I would have no problem doing a long haul with this. A couple of key items not clear from the description - the receiver portion is actually steel, and the aluminum tray bolts to that. The piece included to prevent rocking works great. It is a steel collar with 4 bolts that tighten up the whole system in the receiver and really cinches it up. I added nuts to the 4 bolts to make sure they don't vibrate loose. Set the bolts, then tighten the nuts tight against the collar (on the first 100 mile haul they did not come loose, but I am a bit OCD when it comes to this sort of thing). The ramp works great, and attaches with a couple of wing nuts, which I didn't trust. If I attached the ramp in the future I will also use some straps. I have a KTM 450 and it fits no problem, weights 246 lbs dry. Carrier works fine for this, make sure you have a receiver that can handle 500 lbs tongue weight ( I think that is class V). As a side note, this will get double duty as I am also going to use this for my full-suspension Mt. Bike since my current carrier isn't designed for full-suspension bikes.

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