Apex Single Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Avoid the hassle of a wide, two-wheeled bike trailer. This single wheel bicycle trailer has a narrow profile and tracks perfectly with your bike, making it easy to zip down city streets with a load of groceries or climb up single track trails with your camping supplies in tow. A large, waterproof bag comes with the trailer to keep gear dry and can be used as a backpack or duffle bag, too. The trailer fits on most 24" to 28" bicycles. More
1 Year Warranty

Avoid the hassle of a wide, two-wheeled bike trailer. This single wheel bicycle trailer has a narrow profile and tracks perfectly with your bike, making it easy to zip down city streets with a load of groceries or climb up single track trails with your camping supplies in tow. A large, waterproof bag comes with the trailer to keep gear dry and can be used as a backpack or duffle bag, too. The trailer fits on most 24" to 28" bicycles.

  • Trailer hitch swivels so trailer tracks with bike
  • Large, waterproof cargo bag included
  • Rear / side reflectors and orange safety flag visible to motorists
  • Universal hitch fits most 24" to 28" bicycles


Narrow, single wheel bicycle cargo trailers. Holds up to 65 lbs of gear in a basket placed low to the ground, reducing the affect of the extra weight on bicycle handling. Includes waterproof cargo bag.


These single wheel bicycle cargo trailers are perfect for hauling gear behind a bike, without the extra width that comes with a traditional two-wheeled trailer. The narrow, one wheel design makes negotiating single-track trails and city bike lanes with this bike trailer easy. A secure, swiveling universal fork hitch fits most 24" to 28" bicycles, and provides a secure, solid connection to the bicycle. Combined with a low cargo platform, capable of holding up to 65 lbs of gear, the effect of the extra weight of the cargo on the bicycle's handling is minimal.

The cargo trailer is made of steel, powder-coated for an attractive, rust-resistant finish. At the back of the one wheel trailer are reflectors and a brightly colored flag, to provide an added measure of safety. A fender over the wheel helps keep cargo clean, and a waterproof gear bag is included too. The removable bag also makes a convenient backpack or duffle bag. The bicycle trailer comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. For other bicycle cargo trailers, see our Bicycle Trailer Products Page.

18.7 lbs. without flag
18.95 lbs. with flag
65 lbs.

Product Features

  • Single, 16x1.75" rear wheel
  • Narrow, 16-1/2" wide profile makes trailer easy to navigate on single track trails and in narrow bicycle lanes
  • Large 65 lb capacity
  • Low load bed and solid connection to the bicycle reduce the affect of the load weight on bicycle handling
  • Strong steel frame, powder-coated to resist rust
  • Reflectors and safety flag included to make the trailer visible to motorists
  • Wheel fender keeps dirt off of gear
  • Large, waterproof cargo bag included
  • Gear bag makes convenient backpack or duffle bag
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 11 Reviews)


5 Stars Great bicycle trailer for the money!

Benjie from TN wrote (April 03, 2016):

It is easily assembled and works well. The only problem that I encountered was a strap sewn on incorrectly on the backpack. I was promptly sent a replacement when I notified the company of the problem. The skewer is a bit unusual in that the screw portion of the skewer should be tightened so that the closing tension of the skewer should begin to be felt at the 90 degree angle with respect to final expected closing position (thus when in line with the rear axle) rather than the typical 45 degree angle. Kirk (of sales) was very helpful in explaining the idiosyncrasy of the skewer. The skewer-cart connection does make some subtle noises when the cart is in motion; e. g., when accelerating hard. However, these are innocuous and do not negatively affect the handling. In summary, I am very pleased with the product and the service. I typically use the cart with the perfectly fitting bag to carry groceries. I used to have a Nashbar trailer but they no longer carry the same skewer or the same trailer. This trailer is definitely superior to the Nashbar trailer. It is important to balance the load with as low as center of gravity as possible (especially when carrying heavy jugs of liquid). It is also advisable to carry a spare tube for the rear wheel. However, in years of using a similar cart, I never had a flat on the trailer.

5 Stars Do yourself a favor, BUY this trailer!

Chris from AK wrote (October 27, 2015):

I have to be honest - I was skeptical. I searched and searched and searched and searched. This one kept popping up. The only problem was it was the cheapest priced out there. By a lot. I was worried it would be cheaply made. Boy was I wrong. This thing is beautiful and very nicely engineered. I am more than happy with this purchase and would recommend everyone that sees this product to go ahead, stop looking, and buy this thing. It's exactly what you are looking for.

5 Stars Carry The Weight Without the Drag. Just Pack-N-Go.

Ken The Designer from TX wrote (October 18, 2015):

Fist Off: Upon opening the box I was immediately impressed with the construction and materials used. I have used two wheeled trailers in the past and they changed the feel and control of the ride too much. For the low cost of this unit I thought I would try it. I was amazed at how much better it made my ride feel when using a trailer on my bike. The BCT-8002 single wheel bike trailer simply astounded me by the fact it perfectly tails behind my bike without feeling like you are towing something. The low profile and narrow width offers more mobility and less resistance than other trailers I have used. Another great feature is the removable cargo bag. No more unloading piece by piece, whether it is grocery bags, camera equipment or camping supplies this spacious bike bag makes it easy to pack and unload without make several trips back and forth. The narrow width is great in bike lanes and trails. The strong construction holds up well even on trails. I noticed one review that mentioned waterproof bag was not water proof. Not surprising, even most "waterproof" tents are not truly water proof especially if the seams have any pressure on them. SIMPLE RESOLUTION: I always spray my tents, backpacks, panniers with seam sealer and never have any problems even it downpours. This waterproof cargo bag is no exception and I highly recommend this bike trailer to anyone who wants a bike trailer the does what is supposed to do and is just as good if not better than more expensive ones one the market.

5 Stars Single wheel bicycle cargo trailer from DiscountRamps

David from PA wrote (July 09, 2015):

FANTASTIC product! My son and I rode with it from Seattle, Washington to Erie, PA (about 2900 miles). It worked great! On flat ground and no wind, didn't even know it was on. Had several bike shops really surprised at ease of quick release and stunned at the price! Great buy and would recommend it to anyone. One downside, but I expected as much... The "waterproof" bag is not waterproof. However, we put all our gear in a plastic garbage bag and then into the bag and it stayed dry! GREAT PRODUCT for the cost!!! 5 stars

3 Stars A bargain

Matthew from CO wrote (April 25, 2015):

This trailer is solid, my only criticism is that the fit and finish are not precise. Specifically, the drop out do not match the wheel size and have to be squeezed in with some turning on the quick release leaver. It was a very economical purchase, so I am excited to see how it holds up.

4 Stars Bike Trailer

Tom from PA wrote (April 02, 2015):

Construction is solid and size is perfect. Would have liked more color choices.

4 Stars Very Nice For The Money

Karl from MN wrote (March 31, 2015):

This trailer seems to be well made and a great bargain for only ninety dollars. It was easy to assemble, and is nice and solid. The included bag is high quality, too. Hopefully it's as waterproof as is claimed. Only minor complaints are that the top bracket for the swiveling fork was welded parallel to the trailer frame rather than parallel with the top of the connecting tube of the fork as it should be. I bent it into proper position with a pliers for a better fit. Having the small zippered pocket in the front of the bag makes accessibility difficult and annoying. It would be much easier to get into if it were in the rear. I've never seen a better single-wheel cargo trailer for the price. Shipping was extremely fast.

5 Stars Great trailer and more reasonable than a Bob

Doug from AL wrote (March 27, 2015):

This trailer works great and the advice that I received from the technical support (Kirk) was so helpful. He owns one and shared his personal experience. Everything has exceeded expectations.

5 Stars Nice trailer

Holly from MT wrote (February 27, 2015):

Bought it for trips into the woods. Very nice construction and easy to assemble. Very intuitive. Only complaint is it came with a rod quick release, but no nut adapters for a solid axle tire. I still give it five stars as I really don't know if it was supposed to come with both types.

5 Stars Single bike v/s Bob Yak

Larry in AK from AZ wrote (July 15, 2014):

I have used both and without a doubt I love this product Bob's cost 3-4 times as much without shipping and work the saem Easy to use, and cheap too. You won't be sorry.

5 Stars Safety

Gus's from MN wrote (April 27, 2014):

This is really safety, in looks stronger carrier.

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