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Bluff Steel Red Pin Dock Boards - 15,000 lb. Capacity

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NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS - Ships within 5 to 7 days
  • Manufactured from durable steel
  • 15,000 lb. weight capacity
  • Available in 4 sizes to accommodate height differentials up to 8-1/2" high
  • Diamond plate surface for increased traction
  • Blue painted curbs ensure user is aware of edge
  • Dual-pin locking system keeps dock board stable and safe
  • All dockplates comply with ANSI MH30.2 safety standards
Item # Length Width Height
Maximum Capacity Weight Availability Price Action
15C6048 48" 60" 5" 15,000 lbs. 460 lbs.
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15C7248 48" 72" 5" 15,000 lbs. 527 lbs.
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15C6072 72" 60" 8-1/2" 15,000 lbs. 607 lbs.
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15C8472 72" 84" 8-1/2" 15,000 lbs. 834 lbs.
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Use these dock boards in those difficult trailer-to-dock positions. Includes two chain attached red locking pins to keep the dock board secure! 1 year manufacturers warranty included with your purchase of a new heavy duty dock board!

These heavy duty steel dock boards feature two red pins and full length side side pockets on each side for maximum versatility. When properly positioned in one of the side pocket holes, these pins hold the dock board firmly in place guarding against slippage. These pins provide safe loading conditions for container and park-out applications. Raised sides painted blue help the user to prevent run-off. Heavy duty dock boards are available in widths from 60": to 96" and lengths from 48" to 120"! Featured on the surface of the dock boards are two self storing fork lift pockets for easy and quick maneuverability and placement on a dock. Increase product life, safety, and work efficiency with these heavy duty dock boards. When choosing a heavy duty dock board please allow and extra 12 to 18" more width then the widest load that will accommodate the dock board. This will ensure maximum clearance and maneuverability.

15,000 lbs.
We recommend a minimum product width of 12" to 18" wider than the overall width of the forklift used.
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  • This product is covered by the manufacturer’s One-Year Warranty.