Canoe & Kayak Racks

Safely transport your canoe or kayak with a durable roof top carrier from Discount Ramps! Our canoe and kayak carriers are designed to transport your boat on the roof of your vehicle by utilizing the existing roof bars. Affordable and easy-to-use, these carriers will make it easy for you to load and unload your kayak or canoe quickly, and get in the water faster! Don't forget tie down straps for your canoe or kayak.

Many people who own kayaks or canoes either don't have a vehicle powerful enough to tow a separate hauler, or don't have the budget to purchase one. Our kayak carriers are an inexpensive alternative that is convenient and secure. The two most common carriers are the V-rack canoe roof rack that transports vessels in the traditional horizontal position and the modern J-rack kayak rack that safely cradles them at an angle. If you drive a pickup truck, you can use one of our truck bed extenders as a kayak hitch rack.

We offer a number of our boat transportation accessories for the home or the beach. Pick up pulley-style tie downs and a set of foam carrier blocks to create a streamlined solution that doesn't require a permanent rack. If you have a taller vehicle, a portable tire step will help you reach the roof to get your canoe up or down. When you arrive at the lake, use a kayak and canoe dolly to roll your vessel to the water's edge without assistance. And after you get home, use a storage rack to store it on your garage wall or ceiling and leave space for cars.

Discount Ramps is the place to shop whenever you need storage or transport solutions. We know you head to the water to relax, and thanks to the simplicity of our kayak carriers, your watercraft transportation will be hassle-free.