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Chains, Hooks & Load Binders

Safely and securely haul large equipment with our selection of chains, chain hooks, chain binders, and load binders. All our chains and hooks are rated at grade 70 or 80, and meet DOT requirements. Designed for over-the-road-trailers, these products give you peace of mind, so you can tow with confidence.

Grade 70 VS Grade 80

These two chain grades denote chains that are manufactured with a particular type of steel, and they each serve different applications.

Grade 70: This chain grade is specifically manufactured for hauling and transport, and is usually coated with gold chromate to withstand the elements and reduce corrosion from moisture and road salt. Grade 70 chains should never be used for overhead lifting.

Grade 80: This chain grade is stronger than Grade 70, and it is intended for overhead lifting. It can be used to tie down loads if a higher strength chain is needed.