25,000 lb. Capacity Bluff Steel Stationary Ground-to-Dock Yard Ramp

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  • Manufactured from durable steel
  • Available in five widths
  • 25,000 lb. Weight capacity
  • 8" H curbs on each side for run-off protection
  • Steel diamond deck approach plates on the top and bottom
  • Serrated steel grating for traction and self-cleaning
  • Standard safety chains connect the ramp securely to the dock
Item # Length Width Minimum
Weight Maximum Capacity Availability Price  
25SYS7030NU 30' 5' 10" 40" 72" 4,376 lbs. 25,000 lbs.
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25SYS8430NU 30' 7' 40" 72" 5,036 lbs. 25,000 lbs.
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25SYS9630NU 30' 8' 40" 72" 6,000 lbs. 25,000 lbs.
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25SYS10230NU 30' 8' 6" 40" 72" 6,627 lbs. 25,000 lbs.
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25SYS12030NU 30' 10' 40" 72" 7,541 lbs. 25,000 lbs.
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When you need to bridge the gap between the ground and your dock, pick a yard ramp that's up to the challenge. These Bluff Stationary Ground-to-Dock Yard Ramps are manufactured in durable steel and have 8-inch high curbs on both sides to prevent run-offs. Below the upper grating, heavy-duty steel side girders provide sturdy, load-bearing support. Steel diamond deck approach plates at the top and bottom ensure easy transitions on and off, with an added benefit of absorbing the weight impact of the forklifts entering the ramp. These full width approach plates also serve as a turning pad for forklift tires that won't damage the grated portion of the ramp and will help preserve tire life. This ramp has excellent traction as the steel serrated grating on top allows snow, mud and debris to pass right through. These ramps are available in five widths and come with a 25,000-pound weight capacity.

25,000 lbs.
Please follow the manufacturer’s suggested instructions for unloading your equipment. Personnel unloading should consider all safety practices to safely unload the unit. When the unit is in use, it must be adequately secured.
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