Guardian Rubber Curb Ramp - 10"L x 23-1/2"W

Easily overcome curbs up to 4" tall in the workplace with the Guardian Rubber Modular Curb Ramp. This 25-lb. curb ramp is designed for use in commercial applications such as on loading docks where small elevation changes create an unsafe and unproductive environment. The non-slip traction surface provides extra grip in any weather condition. Manufactured from heavy duty molded thermoplastic rubber capable of supporting up to 10,000 lbs.

Middle sections only - end pieces sold separately
BRAND: Guardian
1 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty molded thermoplastic rubber
  • Molded non-slip traction surface
  • Huge 5 ton capacity
  • For use on curbs up to 4" tall

Easily overcome curbs up to 4" tall in the workplace with the Guardian Rubber Modular Curb Ramp. This 25-lb. curb ramp is designed for use in commercial applications such as on loading docks where small elevation changes create an unsafe and unproductive environment. The non-slip traction surface provides extra grip in any weather condition. Manufactured from heavy duty molded thermoplastic rubber capable of supporting up to 10,000 lbs.

18 lbs.
10,000 lbs.

Product Features

  • Combine multiple curb ramps to fit custom curb lengths
  • 20° incline angle for a smooth transition to a 4" elevation
  • Non-slip traction surface for added grip in any weather condition
  • 10,000 lbs capacity ideal for loading docks and commercial application
  • May also be used for lawn tractors and other light-duty scenarios
  • Black heavy duty molded thermoplastic rubber
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

*Please note: Custom Curb Ramps require vehicles to have at least 4" of ground clearance for proper use.

Review Summary (Based on 22 Reviews)


5 Stars threshold ramp

Janet Lindsay from TN wrote (January 12, 2018):

Very please with the ramp. It makes it easier to roll my disabled husband into the shower. Thank you!

5 Stars Excellent product Quick shipping Just what we needed

Lisa Camille and Virgil Thanks for fixing our headache from OR wrote (December 10, 2016):

after building a wood ramp and having them bust This is a treat so easy to install. Perfect for our use a 4x4 in front of garage door to keep rain out and these on outside butted to 4x4 and on the inside 2 inches from 4x4 where garaged door closes and I can drive right over in my low car so happy no more soaked garage and no more sandbags!! and wonderful customer sevice

5 Stars Best Ever

Suzanne from PA wrote (October 02, 2016):

I purchased this ramp to go in front of the new shed I just built on a platform - perfect! I think I like the ramp better than the shed!

5 Stars Good ramps

Lance from TX wrote (July 30, 2016):

I bought two to drive my Sierra up onto a 4 inch lip at the back of my garage. So far they have performed exactly as advertised. They are heavy durable and strong.

5 Stars Just What I Needed

Bob from FL wrote (July 29, 2016):

I needed ramps to park a golf cart in my garage where there was a 3 inch step from the garage floor to another level in the back of the garage. I originally bought 3 of these 4 years ago, and they were perfect for the job. I recently needed to park the cart on a different angle in the garage, so I needed a 4th ramp. As with the original 3 ramps, it was fulfilled quickly and fit perfectly with the other 3 ramps. The ramps are sturdy and heavy enough to largely stay in place, but not so heavy that you can't manipulate them. They look great and also fit well with the corner ramps sold on this site. I would certainly order more without hesitation, if needed.

5 Stars Awesome Product

Catherine Yezak from MI wrote (June 24, 2016):

I purchased this product to make it easier to wheel storage items out of my barn. This is heavy duty and will stand up the variety of weather we get. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I don't think it will be the last time I will visit this site.

5 Stars Awesome!!!

April from MI wrote (April 08, 2016):

I am a community manager at an apartment complex and our walkways are not very wide. I have some handicap tenants that had purchased these ramps and are tickled pink with them. They don't extend far out into the walkway and they are heavy duty. Multi use with a special purpose. I tell my tenants about these if they inquire and don't want to spend a lot of money keeping in mind that just because they don't have the word handicap by the ramp name does not mean that it will not work.

5 Stars Love my ramps

BobCox from CA wrote (December 05, 2015):

Great ramps,heavy duty,easy to move,cheaper than getting city permit to alter concrete curb

5 Stars custom curb ramps

Robert from NY wrote (October 20, 2015):

perfect for what we need. helps get snowblower in and out of garage

5 Stars Excellent Purchase!

Betty A. from NY wrote (August 23, 2015):

In searching for a ramp for our shed entrance, I was looking for something that was durable. I found it. I bought 2 ramps and attached them side by side. I'm very happy with the way it looks. I can access all my wheel rolling items to and from the shed with ease. I'm very happy with this purchase.

5 Stars Curb Ramp saved the day.

Cathy from CA wrote (August 09, 2015):

Purchased the 4" rubber curb ramp so that we could get our motorcycles into our yard. This product exceeded my expectations and saved me a lot of work building a ramp myself or breaking the 5" curb and making a concrete ramp. I am extremely delighted that this ramp was so inexpensive and works way, way better than anything we could have built. The 4" rubber curb ramp fits against the slightly angled curb like it was made for it, and the motorcycles go right up the curb and into the yard with ease! I highly recommend this inexpensive and simple ramp to anyone needing to go from street over a curb with a motorcycle, appliance dolly, wheelbarrow or even motorized mobility chair. Nice rubber makes a great nonslip surface.

5 Stars Custom curb ramp

Penny from MI wrote (August 05, 2015):

just received my curb ramp and it is perfect. I needed a ramp to enter a deck at my sisters new house. It was the just the right thing. Plus I know I will be able to use it in places that has previously been difficult for me enter.

5 Stars Works Perfect!!!

PattyBob from OK wrote (August 03, 2015):

I had a new door installed on the back of my house with a doggie door. My dogs are used to using a doggie door but this door was installed a little bit higher than what they are used to. I have four dogs that range in size but the most affected was the mini schnauzer and an arthritic mixed german shepherd. I built ramps for both sides but I didn't like the aesthetics from the inside. I found this rubber curb, purchased the middle section only, and it works perfectly and it is easy to move to the side when I want to go through the door.


Eliza from CA wrote (July 31, 2015):

i like the product and the price was right to what I can afford. The product is heavy duty, durable and just what I was looking for. I am very happy with the product and no complain whatso ever. I am happy that I bought it, because it took me a long time to decide on this very product. It is wide enough compare to other ones I saw on line. I am satisfy and happy.

5 Stars Nice curb ranp

Barry from NY wrote (July 11, 2015):

After installing a new driveway with the proper pitch to drain water, I needed a ramp to get my classic car in and out of the garage. This ramp handles the job perfectly. This ramp is well made and should last a long time. It is heavy so shipping can be restrictive but well worth it. It shipped quickly and arrived well before the estimated delivery date.

5 Stars Great durable ramp

Jeff from AZ wrote (June 25, 2015):

My garage has a raise area of the floor these ramps allow me to drive up on this area allowing me to park my crew cab pickup inside the garage. Tough, durable and made to last! A bargain that included shipping!

5 Stars econominal strong ramp

Peter from FL wrote (May 11, 2015):

This ramp allows me to get my 3 wheel scooter into my condo . Price was right, fast delivery and excellent quality!

5 Stars Excellent product

Carol from LA wrote (February 25, 2015):

Easy ordering, fast shipping and good quality product. Works exactly as I hoped.

5 Stars Curb Ramps

Jay from VA wrote (October 16, 2014):

Great quality....Fast delivery.....Perfect for my riding mower..Just what I needed.

5 Stars Awesome!

Eric from HI wrote (October 14, 2014):

Great ramps.

5 Stars Extremely sturdy

Kurt from NY wrote (October 10, 2014):

I bought this to put outside of a side door from the garage to be able to roll my snowblower out of the side of the garage. I just have to say that I was quite impressed at how sturdy and solid this product was. It is obviously made of a very heavy and dense rubber-like material that will certainly be able to handle the weather and certainly anything that I roll out of my garage!

5 Stars Curb Ramps

Stan from TX wrote (September 19, 2014):

Very satisfied with the ramps. You were recommended to me by a friend that had the same issue. My driveway has dropped four inches from the garage apron with rebar sticking out. this solved my problem untill I can get the concrete fixed. I bought two ramps for one car and will buy another set now that I know that they work well. they stay put and do not slide around or move in any way. also t he delivery time was just as you promised. Thanks for a great product. Stan Doigg

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