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Kill Shot 500 lb Capacity Game Cart Tow Bar

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  • Durable steel construction with brown powder coat finish
  • Padded rubber sleeves prevent damage to game cart
  • Can be used with either Kill Shot gear game carts
  • 500-lb tow capacity
  • Fits up to 2" hitch balls

Use your ATV to transport your Kill Shot Hunting Gear Game Cart or Big Game Cart with the Kill Shot Game Cart Tow Bar. The tow bar is designed specifically to attach your game cart to your ATV's trailer hitch to make hauling your gear or game easier than ever.

The 500-lb Kill Shot deer carrier tow bar connects your ATV trailer hitch to your Kill Shot game cart to allow you to transport gear or game through the woods with ease. The tow bar features steel construction with a brown powder coat finish that matches the Kill Shot game carts and blends into the environment. Padded rubber sleeves prevent damage to the game cart during transportation. The game cart tow bar is compatible with both the Kill Shot 500-lb capacity game cart and the 750-lb capacity version, and must not be used at more than 5 mph. Please note for the 500-lb capacity game cart that the handle must be folded in and secured to the cart with the included pull pins, and for the 750-lb capacity version an included lashing strap must be used to prevent tilt.

2' 8-3/4"
5.9 lbs.
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