Black Ice Deluxe Double Snowmobile Trailer Kit with Salt Shield

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  • Get your trailer ready for snowmobile season with the Black Ice Deluxe Single Snowmobile Trailer Accessory Kit with Salt Shield. Perfect for hauling your single snowmobile, this kit includes everything you and your snowmobile need to stay safe on the open road.
  • Features a 5’ long Black Ice Trifold Snowmobile Ramp with a 3’ extender to accommodate high rises along with an impressive 1,500 lb. weight capacity and a Caliber salt shield to keep your snowmobiles safe during transport
  • Also includes a set of Black Ice snowmobile ski guides, Caliber TraxMat track mat, and a set of four ratchet straps with S-hooks
  • Save 18% by purchasing these items as a kit

Get your double trailer ready to haul your snowmobiles with the Black Ice Deluxe Double Snowmobile Trailer Accessory Kit, exclusively from Discount Ramps. The featured 5’ long Black Ice Trifold Snowmobile Ramp includes a 3’ extender to create a smooth transition from the ground to the ramp and, eventually, your trailer. The included Caliber salt shield mounts easily to the front of your trailer to protect your snowmobiles from dirt, debris, and salt that can be kicked up during tarnsport. Two sets of durable and easy-to-mount Black Ice snowmobile guides and coordinating Caliber track mats ensure that both your trailer and snowmobiles will remain undamaged during loading and unloading. The included set of four high quality ratchet straps will keep your machine safe and secure during transport, no matter what the road ahead may bring.

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