Guardian Steel Dock Board

Span the gap between a shipping dock, and a freight truck trailer, dry van, or box truck bed. Dock boards connect a trailer deck to the dock surface for fast and efficient forklift or hand-truck loading and unloading of pallets and cargo. Multiple widths and capacities available.

  • Manufactured from heavy-duty, reinforced steel
  • Diamond plate surface for increased traction
  • High-visibility yellow side curbs for operator-safety
  • Portable and easy to move with a full-width fork pocket and side rail lifting chain

BRAND: Guardian
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Width Height Differential Weight
Weight Status Price Quantity
SDB-13-60-36 36" 60" 3" 13,000 lbs. 228 lbs.
SDB-13-60-48 48" 60" 5" 13,000 lbs. 330 lbs.
SDB-13-60-60 60" 60" 7" 13,000 lbs. 359 lbs.
SDB-13-72-48 48" 72" 5" 13,000 lbs. 340 lbs.
SDB-13-72-60 60" 72" 7" 13,000 lbs. 410 lbs.

13,000 lb capacity, reinforced steel diamond plate Dock Boards are designed specifically for forklifts up to 4,000 lbs. The high visibility, bright yellow welded steel curbs on each side help to line up forklifts during docking. Each Dock Board also features two underside stabilizer braces that line up with an existing loading dock to provide extra stability and keep the dock board safely in place during use. Included with the Dock Boards is a heavy duty chain and nose-clamp lifting system to easily move the dock board to and from the loading dock area. Dock boards are available in a variety of lengths, depending on application, in 60" and 72" widths. It's recommended to choose a dock board 12" to 18" wider than the widest load that will be on the board. To calculate the minimum dock board capacity required per application, multiply the fork truck lifting capacity times three.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty, reinforced steel diamond plate
  • Bright yellow, high visibility welded curbs
  • Lifting chain system from sides to dock board nose
  • Rated capacity: 13,000 lbs
  • 4 wheel forklift weight rating: 4,000 lbs
  • 3 wheel forklift weight rating: 2,500 lbs
  • Dual underside loading dock stabilizer braces
  • Available in 60" & 72" widths, from 36" to 60" in length
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty


Instruction Manual


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