Lucky Dog Bike Trailer/Stroller Combo

If your dog loves to go on outings with you, but is having trouble keeping up, this bike trailer/stroller combo is a great solution. With a large cabin and 130 lb trailer/85 lb stroller capacity, this trailer can accommodate a wide variety of dog breeds. A safety flag, reflectors, non-slip floor, mesh windows, and other great features make for a safe and comfortable ride. The trailer fits most 24" to 28" bikes and easily converts to a stroller with no tools needed. More
1 Year Warranty

If your dog loves to go on outings with you, but is having trouble keeping up, this bike trailer/stroller combo is a great solution. With a large cabin and 130 lb trailer/85 lb stroller capacity, this trailer can accommodate a wide variety of dog breeds. A safety flag, reflectors, non-slip floor, mesh windows, and other great features make for a safe and comfortable ride. The trailer fits most 24" to 28" bikes and easily converts to a stroller with no tools needed.

  • Simple conversion from dog bike trailer to dog stroller
  • Universal bike hitch attaches to most 24" to 28" bicycles
  • Folds down for compact storage
  • 130 lb trailer capacity/85 lb stroller capacity accommodates many dog breeds
  • Rear Entrance Dimensions: 14 3/4"W x 20 3/4"H
  • Front Entrance Dimensions: 16"W x 17"H


This dog stroller / trailer combo features a large cabin and weight capacity, allowing for this trailer to be used with many breeds. Easily changes between pet trailer and pet stroller without tools. Fits most 24" to 28" bicycles.


An older pet or pet with joint problems may not be able to keep up on regular outings. The dog bike trailer/stroller is a perfect solution. The pet trailer attaches to nearly any 24" to 28" bicycle with the universal hitch. The dog bike trailer quickly converts to a pet stroller, with a capacity of 85 lbs, by folding the hitch under the cabin and attaching the included pet stroller kit. Large, 20" rear wheels and a 12-1/2" front wheel roll easily, which combined with the wide, comfortable handle make it easy to push.

A solid, slip-resistant floor keeps the pet from falling or sliding in the trailer. Reflectors and a brightly colored flag make the trailer visible to drivers for extra safety. Large, mesh screen doors front and back allow the pet into the trailer, and feature a plastic cover to keep rain out. The side of the bike trailer & dog stroller combo features a handy cargo pocket to keep small items in.

A strong steel frame, powder coated for a rust-resistant, attractive finish, gives the trailer a 130 lb capacity. When putting the trailer away, the frame folds down to reduce its size to only 9-1/4" tall (approximately 18-1/2" tall with the wheels stored inside the cabin), and the wheels quickly detach, allowing it to be stored nearly anywhere. Every pet trailer includes a one year warranty. Looking for other pet strollers or trailers? See our full lineup of Pet Strollers and Bike Trailers.

Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller Combo
As Trailer: 56-1/4"
As Stroller: 48"
As Trailer: 36"
As Stroller: 42-3/8"
As Trailer: 130 lbs.
As Stroller 85 lbs.

Product Features

  • Provides a safe way to bring a pet along on a bike ride
  • Universal bike hitch attaches to 24" to 28" bicycles
  • Solid, anti-slip floor
  • Safety leash keeps dog inside trailer
  • Reflectors on the front and rear and included safety flag
  • Mesh zippered screen doors front and back
  • Removable clear plastic rain cover for front door
  • Strong steel powder coated structure
  • Easy conversion from trailer to stroller
  • Easy rolling 20" rear wheels, and 12" front wheel
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Quick release wheels
  • 130lb weight capacity as trailer, 85lb capacity as stroller
  • Door Opening Height is Rear: 17" H Front: 20-3/4"
  • 1 year warranty against defects (chewing or damage incurred from pet is not covered under warranty)
  • Door Opening Width is Rear: 16"
    Front: 14-3/4"


Instruction Manual


How to Choose the Correct Pet Ramp
How to Keep your Dog Safe in the Car Helps Promote Animal-Assisted Therapy with Donation to Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses

Review Summary (Based on 12 Reviews)


5 Stars Excellent cart for our 2 dogs!

Anna D. from MN wrote (September 05, 2017):

This has been a game changer for us this summer with 2 small dogs. We have traveled on bicycle paths all around with them in tow. The cart is stable, easy to attach to a bicycle and the dogs are very relaxed during the ride. Great cross ventilation with the mesh screening. The side pockets are great for A collapsible water bowl, roll of dog poop bags and cookie treats. We can now go on adventures without feeling badly leaving out poodles at home!

5 Stars Just what we needed!

Tim from WI wrote (March 06, 2017):

Ordered this for our 14-year old beagle/terrier mix. He was a little reluctant at first (heh, I can still walk!), but after a long walk he appreciates the ride home. My wife and I like it because we can actually walk instead of stroll/sniff. Very easy to put together.

5 Stars Excellent!

Bob from PA wrote (January 28, 2016):

This is great! Just what we needed for our dogs, which are an English Cocker and 2 Dachshunds. They went right in the trailer with very little training and love the ride. They are all older rescues so we really pamper them and ride them to where we want to walk, then they walk with us and rest in the trailer on the return trip home. This item was very, very east to assemble and seems to be well constructed. An excellent buy!

5 Stars Love it!

Barb from PA wrote (December 15, 2015):

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband and puppy. It shipped super fast (arrived within 3 days of purchase) and in a super large box. Most of the trailer is already assembled, you just need to put on the wheels, cross bar and handle if applicable. It was super easy to put together. The dog is still a puppy and 14 pounds, hopefully it will still be as great when he is 80 lbs. But that is why I bought the large one. It does have a rubber smell to it. So I am letting it air out before we actually go on our first ride. The bottom is very sturdy and there is a spot if you want to clip the leash. There are lots of windows and you can easily roll them up and velcro them out of the way. I am very excited to do our first 30 miles with this. But very sturdy and already check it affixes to the bike very easily.

5 Stars Great trailer for the price.

Eric from CA wrote (November 06, 2015):

Not quite as good as a $400. Burley, but close, at a fourth the price.

5 Stars Rage Pet Stroller

Robert from TX wrote (July 01, 2015):

It truly is the RAGE...our dogs love it. They are perfectly content to go inside the stroller. It is easy to assemble, was delivered quickly, and is made of high quality materials. It is very easy to maneuver. As to any is due to the new rubber, is not bad at all and quickly dissipates after assembly. Great value for the money!

5 Stars Great product

Logan from IN wrote (June 02, 2015):

Easy to put together, dog loves it. Only thing I would change is a heavier clip to hook your dog to inside the cart. it is worth the money.

5 Stars Sturdy product

Cindy from ME wrote (May 30, 2015):

I was browsing and found discountramps through them. I am very impressed with the fact that I didn't even wait a week and the product was at my door! I opened up the box and put it together (not bad at all!) and I am so impressed with the quality!! Discount Ramps you certainly have my business and thank you for working with Walmart or I never would have found you!!

5 Stars Great Quality Made Product!

Stephen Sample from MI wrote (May 23, 2015):

I am so thrilled I bought this for my dogs! I have to small toy breeds (Maltese and Pom/mix) and they love it. I put their favorite doggie beds in there and that made a huge difference in their comfort. There is tons of room for both of them and their doggie beds. I use it for bike rides for starters. They got used to it very quickly. I use the stroller when I am out working with my horses and don't want the dogs running around while I'm with the horses. They love it. In fact, if I leave it open, they hop right in. Very high quality constructions and easy to assemble. I was extremely impressed and will buy a second one for work, since I'm the boss, the dogs can come with me!

5 Stars Great product

Gayle from WA wrote (April 24, 2015):

Easy to assemble. This product is solid as a rock, well constructed. Easy entry for a disabled dog and comfortable space for him to lay down and watch the world go by.

5 Stars Dog stroller/trailer combo

Keith B from MD wrote (November 10, 2014):

Received our unit today and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality, ease of putting it together and folding for travel. The wheels are sturdy, the canvas sides are thick and solid like a utilty tent. The base is solid and sturdy so our dog can stand inside. The front and back screens roll up and all have handy velcro tabs for easy stowage. I really like the height of the handle bar, it does not kill your back and the front combo wheel can either turn 360 degrees or you can lock in front position. Great value with the features of a high end unit but at a mid-level price.

5 Stars BEST purchase for the money - hands down!!!! I have a 70 lb dog.

Wendi from FL wrote (April 22, 2014):

My dog is 70 lbs and boxer shaped - a tall girl, with a broken front leg. She could comfortably stand, sit and lie down when she wanted. We trailed it behind the bicycle (careful to take angled turns slowly b/c it can tip over) and used it for running. It was a bit difficult to run with since the front wheel does not pivot. The work around was to apply pressure to the handle and lift the front wheel a bit. Getting out in the open helped her pout much less. You really need to teach them to enter and exit out the back. This keeps them from thinking that going out the front is an option. There is a leash included (mine was not shipped with it originally so make sure you get it and stick to your guns if they tell you it's not included). The leash can slip/lengthen a bit if the dog is well... being a dog but the leash was important for us. The construction is durable. Be careful to not strip the plastic insides of the cross bar at the top of the structure, nearest to the handle. I would purchase again without any

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