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Dog Ramps

Each dog ramp we offer is designed to easily load your pet into vehicles, buildings, and even onto furniture, without causing excess strain on your pet's joints. Many of our pet ramps are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and are great for older pets, pets with disabilities, and pets recovering from surgery.

Ramps Will be a Benefit to Your Dog

Investing in a pet ramp is a smart decision for any owner, because they are portable, durable, and will help multiple breeds and ages surmount day-to-day obstacles. Still unsure? Here are the dogs that will benefit the most from a gentler slope at home or when loading/unloading into a vehicle:

  • Senior dogs with limited mobility or stiffness
  • Dogs with disabilities, or those recovering from an injury
  • Smaller breeds who are unable to jump high enough into cars or onto furniture
  • Larger breeds who shouldn't put stress on their joints by jumping on anything

Quality Ramps for Animal and Owner

When you purchase a pet ramp from Discount Ramps, you can expect the same high quality construction that comes with all our ramps, as well as these key features:

  • Folding functionality with a built-in strap
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • Weight capacities of up to 250 pounds
  • Grip tape surface for sturdy traction on little paws