Big Boy EZ Rizer™ Aluminum Extra-Wide Folding Dual Runner ATV Ramps


Compare the features of EZ Rizer ATV ramps to any other brand, and you'll see you get more ramp - with better quality - for the price. These American-made aluminum ATV ramps are engineered with our exclusive EZ Traction surface to provide unprecedented traction and grip, even in wet and mud. EZ Rizer is packed with safety features, from longer ramp lengths for a lower incline, to wider ramp width, to a smooth-approach tapered foot & stabilizing hook-plate combo on top: All are designed to let you to load your ATV with confidence at a slower, more controlled climb. Use these EZ Rizer ATV ramps for trucks or trailers to move motorcycles, UTVs, golf carts and lawn tractors, too!

  • No-slip EZ Traction plate design for unsurpassed surface grip
  • Extra wide 19" runners - widest available
  • Available in four lengths: 8', 9', 10', & 12'
  • Reinforced hinge with 12° offset provides increased clearance
  • Tapered foot and extra-deep top end plate create smooth transition, stabilize platform
  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction
  • Folding design for low-profile transport
  • Multipurpose system works for ATVs & UTVs; reconfigures for any size motorcycle
  • Sold in pairs
  • Five year warranty beats most in industry
Item # Length Folded
Weight Status Price Quantity
MF2-9619-EZ-ATV 8' 48" 3,000 lbs. 46 lbs. (each)
MF2-10819-EZ-ATV 9' 54" 3,000 lbs. 51 lbs. (each)
MF2-12019-EZ-ATV 10' 61" 3,000 lbs. 53 lbs. (each)
MF2-14419-EZ-ATV 12' 72-1/2" 2,000 lbs. 61 lbs. (each)


ATV riders, you've never seen traction like this before in aluminum ATV ramps! EZ Rizer's leading edge EZ Traction design gives you unprecedented loading grip, even when your tires are muddy or wet, so there's no worry about slipping off track. The dual runner, 19" wide ATV ramps come in four lengths and are long enough to accommodate various loading heights but without the steep pitch.

These high-grade aluminum ATV ramps are light in weight, ranging from 53 lbs to 61 lbs per runner, but not in load capacity. Each set carries up to 2,000 lbs for the 12 ft. ramps or 3,000 lbs for the 10 ft. ramps, easily handling the weight of most 4-wheelers and their drivers.

EZ Rizer ATV ramps have a reinforced 12° offset hinge that creates a slight bow when open to allow extra clearance and prevent bottoming out. The plate and hook combination at the top is an extra-deep 3-3/4" and has a rubber backing to keep it in place. The system also comes with a set of high quality cam buckle tie down straps that hook to the convenient tie down brackets on back and should be used every time you load or unload equipment to guard against kick back. The tapered foot creates a full-contact base for additional stabilization and a smooth, easy approach onto the ramp with your quad.

Stowing the EZ Rizer system is convenient, too, as these ATV ramps fold in half to a slim 5" high, sliding underneath or next to your 4 wheeler once it's been loaded. Always remember to secure the stored ramps in the pickup bed or trailer with extra tie down straps (sold separately).

EZ Rizer is a single, convenient system that loads almost every toy you own! Use it when transporting all of your equipment, including UTVs, golf carts, mowers, even motorcycles. Slide the ramps next to one another to create a single, 38" wide platform that's perfect for ride-up loading of larger bikes. Just pop the provided quick-connect C brackets through the fabricated slots and clip the attached pins into place to reconfigure and repurpose this handy ramp system.

EZ Rizer ATV ramps are made in the USA, manufactured locally with pride by certified AWS welders, and have a five year warranty.

Do you load and unload your recreational equipment frequently? Want the surest thing to guard against ramp kick back? Try the Alumi-Loc attaching system (sold separately) for a time-saving, tie down-free option that mounts directly to your pickup's tailgate.

38" (19")

Product Features

  • Innovative EZ Traction punch plate design field tested for unmatched tire grip in wet or muddy conditions
  • Extra width for safe, worry-free drive-up loading
  • Two long-length models (10 ft. & 12 ft.) decrease incline for safer loading
  • High-grade aluminum is strong but lightweight; ramps as light as 53 to 61 lbs each
  • Weight capacities from 2,000 to 3,000 lbs each
  • Angled foot and deep plate / hook combo with rubberized backing keep both ends stable
  • Heavy duty hinges offset ramps by 12° to prevent bottoming out
  • Rear bracket for attaching cam buckle tie down straps (included) to prevent kick out
  • Only 5 in. high when folded in half for compact storage
  • Always secure ramps in pickup truck bed with additional tie down straps (sold separately)
  • Ramp system easily rearranges for loading motorcycles, UTVs, mowers & more with quick-connect brackets
  • Compatible with optional Alumi-Loc attaching system for strap-free tie down
  • Manufactured in the USA by certified AWS welders
  • Outstanding five year warranty


Instruction Manual


No Tractor Needed: How to Plant a Food Plot with an ATV
How to Choose the Correct ATV Ramp

Review Summary (Based on 2 Reviews)


5 Stars Incredible "SOLID as a ROCK" Ramps!

RUSS from MN wrote (May 24, 2016):

I wanted to purchase a set of sturdy multi-purpose ramps to be able to load various equipment onto a trailer or into my truck. I searched and found these ramps at Discount Ramps. I need to be able to load my 21” wide 400 pound garden tiller into my truck. I can lock these two ramps together (for a total width of 38”) with the provided clamps and easily walk the tiller into and out of my truck. My feet do not slip at all on the surface of these ramps. With this surface, I do not need to worry about twisting an ankle or breaking a leg such as might happen with ramps that have open spaces because of the cross-piece design. I wanted ramps that would be sturdy enough to load my new Polaris 4-wheeler, which with fluids, gear and my weight is about 1,200 pounds total. I need ramps to load a John Deere Z970R 72” commercial zero-turn mower, which with fluids and my weight tips the scale at 1,600-1,700 pounds. The 12° offset hinge helps when loading low clearance equipment. I purchased the 19” X 10’ ramps. The 19” wide design allows for a little steering error when backing equipment down the ramp vs. on much narrower ramps that you have to steer perfectly straight. Each ramp weighs 53 pounds and the set is rated at a 3,000 pound weight capacity. Even though the ramps are heavy and somewhat awkward to handle without built-in handles, I would rather deal with the weight and have added safety. These ramps are as solid as a rock. These ramps are much more expensive than I ever thought I would spend on this type of product, but after I have used them, I would buy them again if I did not already own them. About 3 days after I placed my online order on a Sunday, I was checking the tracking. As I was looking at my computer, UPS delivered my ramps. I expected the delivery to take a few days longer. Because of this purchasing experience, Discount Ramps and my new ramps receive a 5 star rating.

5 Stars Big Boy Ramps, for my Bad Boy mower.

Tom S. from MN wrote (April 23, 2016):

I just purchased a Bad Boy 42" 0 turn mower, and I was all set to buy a trailer to haul it. My problem is I did not want to store it. Ramps were an option, but I could not find ramps long enough , and I had a concern about 800lbs of weight on the tailgate cables. Then I found Discount Ramps. There ramp calculator suggested a min. 8' ramp, for my F-150. I went with the 10' X 19" and I'm glad I did. Very comfortable backing the mower into the truck bed. And they solved the tail gate issue too, with the Tailgate EX Supports, Discount ramps Thank you. If there is a negative, I would say although they are compacted folded 5' x 19" they are a little hard to carry. A handle of some kind would be great. Maybe something like a four prong ice tongs. I will come up with something.

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