Black Widow Aluminum Folding Motorcycle Carrier - 400 lb. Capacity

Transporting your motorcycle is easier than ever, thanks to the aluminum folding motorcycle carrier package from Discount Ramps. This exclusive bundle includes both the motorcycle carrier and a folding adapter for one low price.

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Transporting your motorcycle is easier than ever, thanks to the aluminum folding motorcycle carrier package from Discount Ramps. This exclusive bundle includes both the motorcycle carrier and a folding adapter for one low price.

This Package Includes:

  • Lightweight aluminum carrier with heavy-duty steel folding adapter and main tube
  • Sturdy aluminum loading ramp with a welded 2/3" hook
  • Roll on - roll off ramp design for easy loading and unloading
  • 400-lb capacity carrier
  • Fits all 2" square receivers
  • US Patent # 9663039

Lightweight Aluminum Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier

The Aluminum Folding Motorcycle Carrier is one of the most versatile carriers available, eliminating the need to haul a bulky trailer. Specifically designed for carrying motocross and off-road dirt bikes with tires up to 5-1/2" wide, this lightweight aluminum motorcycle carrier can accommodate loads up to 400 lbs. This product comes standard to fit 2" square class III or IV receivers. The included folding hitch adapter allows the carrier to fold flat when not in use, saving space in confined areas while avoiding the hassle of repeated removal and installation.

Easy Single Person Operation

The removable aluminum loading ramp attaches to the carrier for painless loading and unloading, and fastens to the carrier, next to the track, conserving valuable space during transportation. The ramp can also be attached to either the front or the rear of the carrier for added convenience.

The reverse anti-tilt locking device, pinch bolt, and jam nut keep the carrier steady during transport. All necessary hardware is included. Folding is as simple as removing the pin, folding the carrier, and re-inserting the pin.

Please note:

  • NOT recommended for tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel trailers and camping trailers
  • NOT recommended for use with hitch adapters / extensions
DRC Exclusive

AMC-400: 36-1/2 lbs
HC-FA: 9 lbs

400 lbs.
Class III or IV (2")

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Carrier Carrying Capacity: The AMC-400 carrier is designed to safely carry 400 lbs
  • Hitch Weight Limit: Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs - Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1,000 lbs
  • Vehicle Hauling Capacity: Your hauling weight may be limited by your vehicle's capacity to carry a load
  • Will not work with Class II or smaller receivers
  • Some vehicles may require air shocks or heavier springs to stiffen up the suspension to prevent sagging
  • Please check with your dealer to find out your vehicle's carrying capacity
  • NOT recommended for tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel trailers & camping trailers
  • NOT recommended for use with hitch adapters / extensions

Will the AMC-400 clear the back of my vehicle?
Please measure back 18" from the center of the pin hole on the trailer hitch and strike a chalk mark on the ground. Roll the bike over the chalk mark and visually check for clearance. The 18" measurement is the distance on the carrier to the center of the track. Keep in mind that the bike will be level with the height of the trailer hitch.

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Review Summary (Based on 9 Reviews)


4 Stars Scooters Beware

Jim from NH wrote (August 04, 2017):

Product exactly as represented. Bought for my Vesta and maybe consider for R-3 instead of the trailer. Lightweight aluminum. Designed for dirt bikes. Another carrier but in steel was represented to be good for scooters. Selected this on due to weight and rust resistance of aluminum. Scooters have more weight in the rear where the engine is and my 250cc Vespa rocks the carrier causing it it to twist and deform a bit. Pro: as represented and lightweight aluminum. Welding and design is fine. Con: Specs should discourage purchase for scooters other than maybe a shorter moped.

5 Stars I'm a 5' woman

Jamie from NM wrote (April 25, 2017):

I like this ramp because it was easy to install and I can lift it! Great for my Honda CRF150

5 Stars Great Dirt Bike Ramp/carrier

KEVIN from PA wrote (February 21, 2017):

I have a Husqvarna TE 300, approx weight 230 pounds, Don't even know its on the ramp when traveling down the road. After riding , pull into the car wash and spray the bike off right on the carrier on the truck, can't get any easier than that!

4 Stars Good Value

Stub shaft from IN wrote (September 08, 2016):

Fairly price and gets the job done.

4 Stars Good Motorcycle Carrier for my RV

Patti from FL wrote (May 11, 2016):

I bought this Aluminum Folding Motorcycle Carrier for my Yamaha 200 TW (279 lbs. wet) dirt bike and mounted it on my 2016 Itasca Navion 24G RV. It arrived quickly, and was simple to assemble and install on the RV, especially after watching the video. The Motorcycle Carrier folds effortlessly and transfers easily to my pickup truck too. I like that it doesn’t rattle when folded. It’s also a good distance from both my RV and truck when loaded and folded. The tie down mounting brackets are substantial and at good locations. I like the carrier’s simple design; however, the ramp is very short and steep. I practiced loading it several times myself and with the help of friends, while it can be loaded with the existing ramp, I’m currently using a board the length of the carrier on top of the steep ramp supplied with the carrier, until I find a better solution. I can’t understand why the ramp isn’t the same length as the carrier length. I drove 600 miles with my bike on the carrier behind my RV on rough roads without incident. This is a well constructed carrier and ramp, at a good price, that does what it is designed to do. Hopefully, they’ll offer longer ramp options in the future, which will make it even easier to use and better.

5 Stars Best online purchase experience

Robby from CO wrote (May 03, 2016):

I bought this ramp for my kx450f dirtbike . The tracking and delivery were accurate and fast. When it came the box was in perfect shape and all parts were there. I watched the video before it came and had it put together on my lunch break. The bike was easy to load with 1 person. I like the distance of the bike from the back of the truck because I have a topper on and I still could open the hatch and get gear out. Also I drove at 75 mph on I 25 in Colorado and sometimes it can be very windy and the did not move at all! I would recommend buying from and using this company to anyone who wants top quality at a very competitive price. After I bought it it went on sale and I was charged the sale price! Thank You Discount Ramps!

5 Stars It doesn't get any better than this!

Chris from MO wrote (March 22, 2016):

I purchased this ramp to carry my Honda PCX 150 on the front of my F-350 (while I am towing my RV trailer) as well as the back of my F-150 and the back of my wife's Explorer. I bought the aluminum ramp so it would be easier for my 70 year old body to carry (and it is fairly light. I can handle it easily). The ramp arrived very quickly and was packaged well. All of the parts were in the box and assembly took less than 20 minutes. The design is a good one and the ramp is well built with very good welds. The instructions were well illustrated with actual pictures of the parts discussed and were written in understandable english. The ramp came with an anti-rattle bracket that, surprisingly, worked on the BACK of all of my vehicles straight out of the box. I had to modify my F-350's air dam a little to allow the anti-rattle bracket to fit on the front of my F-350 but, in the end, it worked. My PCX loaded easily enough. The ramp is just a tiny bit steep but, after a few practice runs, it became easy to load. The tie down points are substantial and tie down instructions were clear. I had the 4 ratchet straps the instructions called for but I did not have any "wheel straps" so I tied the wheels down 2 more ratchet straps. My first test drive was a 25 mile trip with my PCX on the front of my F-350 (where I could watch it). I was surprised at how little the PCX moved. Sure, it wiggled a little bit but nothing alarming. Next test trip was an 80 mile round trip to my Ford dealer for truck service (I live in the sticks). I pulled into their lot, unloaded my bike (in less than 5 minutes) and left the truck for 5 hours while I rode away to do other things. When I returned to pick up my truck I loaded the PCX (in less than 5 minutes) and drove home. Final analysis? Discount Ramps performed flawlessly. The ramp is reasonably priced. The ramp is well made. The "fold up" device is strong, well made and works well. The ramp does what it is designed to do. It doesn't get any better than this.

5 Stars Great Value and Lite Weight

Tom S. from MI wrote (December 05, 2015):

Bought this for our Kymco Super 8 50 scooter (about 235 lbs.) Have used it once, on a 600 mile trip. Worked out great. Ramp is on the short side, so had to lift the rear of the scooter a bit to avoid scraping the body plastics underneath. Nice that carrier and folding extender weigh relatively little. Overall, a great value compared to other suitable carriers. Be aware that with extender, the anti-rattle device is a tight fit, and it may not fit on some hitch receivers.

4 Stars Basic but quite good.

leorleor from CA wrote (June 18, 2015):

The motorcycle carrier is a basic design. It arrived with all parts, the welding and hardware are of good quality, and the carrier assembled in < 15 minutes. Though I will need to go buy a huge allen wrench to tighten the hinge bolt in the flipup fixture. Pros: Kit was complete and had good hardware, for example the nuts are all nylon lock nuts. The aluminum really does make this one a bit lighter and easier to move around then an all steel one. Cons: Packaging was not that good, had a metal bolt protruding from the box when I picked it up. Condition was described as new but appears to be lightly used, with some deep scrapes in the aluminum and stickers.