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Forklift Booms

Forklift booms from allow workers to safely and efficiently lift and transport cumbersome loads that would otherwise be impossible for a fork truck to handle. The forklift boom attachments mount securely to the tines on nearly any fork truck and feature a wide variety of customizable options for maximizing your forklift's utility.

Get a Handle on Those Bulky Loads

Transform your standard fork truck into a mobile crane with a forklift boom attachment from These affordable forklift booms allow you to safely and effectively handle awkward or bulky loads that are not easily palletized using nearly any fork truck. Simply insert the forklift tines into the boom attachment's fork pockets, secure the boom to the forklift using the included safety chain, and you're ready to go!

Multiple Models to Choose From

The Vestil Telescoping Economy Lift Boom can raise loads weighing up to 4,000 lbs to elevated heights, and its telescoping design allows the boom arm to be extended from 85" to 153". Vestil orbiting forklift cranes are equipped with unique counterbalance systems and safety drop-lock pins for quick and easy height adjustment. If warehouse space is restricted, choose a shorty fork truck boom which is ideal for tight spaces and comes in both telescoping and non-telescoping models. For loads that require an overhead lift crane with extended height, we offer high rise forklift boom attachments that stand nearly 80" tall. Each of our high-quality forklift boom attachments includes a safety restraint to secure the boom to the fork truck and two heavy-duty lifting hooks.