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Forklift Hopper

Speed up and simplify the process of loading, transporting, and disposing of scrap metal, wood chips, liquids, and more with a forklift hopper from The manual-operated and self-dumping hoppers securely attach to the forks on nearly any fork truck and come in a wide range of sizes and capacities with a variety of customizable options to maximize your forklift's usefulness.

Universal Design for Easy Dumping

Provide a safe and clean method for removing refuse from machine shops, construction sites, warehouses, and more with a forklift dump hopper from These affordable forklift hoppers are convenient and easy-to-use – turning material-handling and disposal into a simple, one-person job. Thanks to a universal design, these forklift-mounted dumping hoppers attach to nearly any fork truck in use today. Simply insert the forklift tines into the dump hopper's fork pockets, secure the hopper to the forklift using the included safety chain, and you're ready to go!

Models for Every Facility

The Medium-Duty Steel Hopper will hold a cubic yard of waste weighing up to 4,000 lbs., and features a release cable that the forklift operator can pull from the driver's seat to empty the hopper's contents. When lowered to the ground, this forklift hopper returns to its upright, locked position. The Vestil 3/4 Cu. Yd. Light-Duty Steel Hopper features a handy bumper release that automatically dumps the hopper when it makes contact with the side of a dumpster or chip bin. The perfectly-balanced dumping hopper automatically returns to its upright and locked position when the contents have been emptied. For heavy-duty jobs, we offer a Vestil forklift dumping hopper that can hold up to three cubic yards of waste weighing up to three tons.