Food Processing Equipment

Make game processing easy and efficient with our wide selection of meat processing equipment. Choose from multiple types and styles of machines including grinders, dehydrators, mixers, sausage stuffers and more. The fun doesn't have to end once you're done hunting!

Our selection of meat processing supplies includes just about everything you need to turn your game into delicious homemade sausages, jerkies, or steaks. Our offering of deer processing equipment includes dehydrators, hand-operated and electric grinders of various sizes and speeds, manual and automatic mixers, slicers, cubers, and tenderizers. There are multiple variations of each product to ensure that there’s something for everyone whether they’re a newbie expecting occasional use or a professional looking for a high-end product that will stand up to frequent use. Beginners and gift-givers alike should especially take note of the LEM Sausage Stuffing Kit which includes everything you need to start stuffing your own delicious sausages, including seasonings and a recipe guidebook!

If you don’t see a meat processing item you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll find a solution that works for you.