Apex Ceiling Mount Bicycle Hoist

The bicycle storage hoist allows you to lift your bike up to the ceiling of the garage or shed with minimal effort! The hoist system includes mounting hardware and a one year warranty.

1 Year Warranty
Item # Description Status Price Quantity
BL-71122 Garage Bicycle Hoist - Single
BL-71122-2 Garage Bicycle Hoist - 2 pack
BL-71122-3 Garage Bicycle Hoist - 3 pack
BL-71122-4 Garage Bicycle Hoist - 4 pack
BL-71122-5 Garage Bicycle Hoist - 5 pack


The Elevation Bicycle Hoist provides a simple and effective way to store your bicycle when not in use! The hoist system mounts to your garage or shed ceiling and allows for easy lifting with the leverage power of pulleys. To hold the bike, the hoist features two adjustable claws that can be hooked onto the bike handlebars and the bicycle seat. This hoist works with ceilings up to 13 feet high. The Elevation includes a tie down bar that can be mounted to an adjacent wall to tie off the hoist rope when lifted. The hoist includes mounting hardware and a one year warranty.

Garage Bicycle Hoist
50 lbs. per hoist

Product Features

  • Easy to use pulley system
  • Mounts to garage or shed ceilings
  • Works with ceilings up to 13' high
  • Mounting plates each feature 5 positions for the pulley
  • Integrated safety rope catch mechanism locks rope in place when lifted
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Number of Hoist: (1)BL-71122
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 27 Reviews)


3 Stars Good storage solution overall

Mark from AR wrote (December 02, 2017):

Pro: removes the bikes from the floor Cons: - rope too small, will replace, can be found on pulley axle instead of pulley - not happy with rear support based on hooks under seat. Will replace with short rope under frame section with two loops for the hooks - instructions need to include a blow-up of proper routing through clamp - instructions refer to 3 screws for each bracket, 4 are supplied and appropriate All fixable and then I will be happy. Used similar system for kayaks for 2 years.

5 Stars Wonderful solution for easy bike storage.

Alan from IA wrote (September 01, 2017):

My garage has 10 foot ceilings and at my age I no longer have the strength to lift the bikes up to hang by the wheels on conventional rafter hooks. so this is a perfect solution for me. A few pulls on the rope, and the bikes are up and out of the way. It is equally as easy to release the locking mechanism on the pulley and lower the bikes for use. The hooks that attach to the bike are adjustable to accommodate various methods of attaching to the frame, seat or other attachment points. It only takes a minute or two to raise or lower each bike ... wrapping the excess rope around the wall anchor takes the most time. The braided rope is small in diameter but seems strong enough and the locking mechanism is easy to engage for a secure hold. It easily lifts my wife's e-bike which is just under 50 pounds. The wall anchor provides for an easy way to neatly take care of the rope slack and adds additional security in case the lock mechanism would fail (very unlikely unless the rope was accidentally bumped). For additional peace of mind, I use bungie cords as a fail safe from both the front and back hanger to the bike frame. I made a simple 3' pole with a hook so I can easily attach and release the bungie hooks to the bikes from the ground without getting on a ladder. This bike hanging system is perfect for my purposes. I wish I could post a picture.

5 Stars Love it

Kim from NM wrote (May 28, 2017):

It was easy to assemble and freed up the space in our garage that we needed!

5 Stars Excellent!!!

Barry from FL wrote (April 06, 2017):

I still can't believe how fast and easy this product was to install! I took the advice in the instructions and mounted the hardware to a 1x12 piece of lumber and then was able to secure the board to the ceiling. Much easier than trying to get the pulley brackets lined up with the ceiling joists! Took less than an hour start to finish and it works like a charm. Very pleased with the entire purchase experience. Great product, extremely low price and prompt shipping.

5 Stars Quality

Bucky from NC wrote (September 16, 2016):

Quality surprise - I usually have to re-engineer products using better bolts and stronger frames . . . not this time. I was impressed by the high quality for the low price. It works extremely well. I think I'll probably buy more and give them as gifts for my friends.

5 Stars Freed up floor space

Art from OK wrote (July 24, 2016):

Great product. It was easy to assemble. Our two bikes are no longer in our way,

5 Stars Good solution

Joe from VA wrote (July 12, 2016):

I installed two of these and it took longer to find the studs that it did to install these. I was concerned about the ease of use, but the safety catch works exactly as advertised and my wife is able to use these without fear of dropping a bike.

4 Stars Bicycle hanging system

Charles from TX wrote (February 01, 2016):

Great product over all. the rope Provided was not heavy enough, but was adequate.

5 Stars Great solution

Cole from CA wrote (January 05, 2016):

This lift is easy to install and is a great solution to clear up room in my garage.

5 Stars Product to meet the need!

Larry from TX wrote (December 13, 2015):

I needed space in my golf cart garage. The bike hoist was the perfect solution. It freed up floor space at a low cost. The hoist was as exactly as described and easy to install. I would recommend this product as a solution to anyone needing to free up space. The product was delivered as promised.

5 Stars bike lift

Brad from ID wrote (November 22, 2015):

Great price. Easy to install. Nice to get the bike out of the way when not in use. I agree with a previous review that the detail on threading the line could be more clear. Still not clear that I got it right but it's a minor issue.

5 Stars Giving your garage a face lift? Start by giving your bikes a lift.

Ken The Designer from TX wrote (October 18, 2015):

Works great, I have an e-Bike that I keep in the garage, when it was not in use it was often in my way. No more, after taking a few minutes to easily install this hoist ceiling mount the bike is no longer in my way. Another great advantage is the bike tires are not sitting on the cement garage floor when the bike is not in use. I normally only use the bike on weekends and tires being stored on cement the tires will more rapidly lose air the when they are suspended in the air. I highly recommend this Bike Lift to anyone who wants to reclaim the floor in the garage and not worry about the bike getting accidentally knocked over or bumped into my car, this lift is a good way to preserve the precious paint and finish on both your bike and car. If you want to give your garage a face lift make sure you start by giving your bike a lift. My only comment is that rather then using the long heavy screws that came with the unit I used lag bolts for additional security. The supplied screws look like they may be strong enough to hold the weight of the bike but since my bike is an e-bike it weighs almost 50lbs and I elected to safe rather then sorry.

4 Stars Great solution to bicycle storage problem

Al Angell from FL wrote (October 16, 2015):

Price is so low that I was concerned about the quality of the product. But, it installs exactly as they say and solves my storage problem in a small garage. Good value at twice the price. Easy to use for my wife..

4 Stars Easy to install!

Jeff from WA wrote (August 31, 2015):

It was easy to install. Lifted the bike evenly and seems strong enough to hold it up.

4 Stars Grteat Item!

Jack from CA wrote (July 27, 2015):

Exactly as advertised, and priced FAR less than same item at local retail bike shops. Easy to mount per enclosed instructions. Only one minor issue having to do with positioning of included pull rope at the very end of the pulley trail. We're sending close-up photo to Discount Ramps with suggested minor modification of instruction sheet ....but we figured it out, Should not affect decision to buy this item. Especially useful for kid's medium size bikes .. they should love raising and lowering their own bikes as part of the bike-riding experience!.

5 Stars Right tool for the job (and very inexpensive!)

Branden from NH wrote (July 07, 2015):

This is a simple device that does the job at hand. Easy to install, there is documentation available on this site that shows exactly how to install it (check the more-info tab) http://cdnll.discountramps.com/images/art/bikelift.pdf. Getting the bike out of the way and in a safe spot made my day!

4 Stars They work!

Orion from VA wrote (June 27, 2015):

put screws into joists, thread the ropes and voia.... up go your bikes. No detail on how to thread rope, but its not that difficult to figure out

5 Stars Bike hoist system

Leslie Johnson from WI wrote (June 04, 2015):

I purchased 5 and put them up alone, amazingly easy ...wish I had known about this product earlier. So easy to get our bikes up and down. My garage has room once now that the bikes are out of the way. Highly recommend!!!!

5 Stars Works Great!

Walt from OH wrote (May 29, 2015):

I purchased two Bike Cable Hoists. They arrived within three days, were easy to screw into the garage ceiling/truss and use. It's a very simple system. I wish i had thought of it and offered it for sale. I'm not sure why they charge $8 shipping for both (total $16). Seems like $8 should have been enough. Still a good value because you can't assemble a better system if you went to the hardware store and picked out the components yourself.

5 Stars Bicycle Ceiling Lift

Tom from TN wrote (May 23, 2015):

Better than advertised. Service was as good or better than Amazon. Price was very competitive. One improvement would be a better description of the contents. When ordering "1" I had to call to insure that meant a set of pulleys rather than just one pulley. If it stated "One kits contains 2 pulleys, 2 hooks, rope, cleat and wood screws."

5 Stars Excellent!

Tom from MI wrote (May 15, 2015):

Bought these to get the bikes out of the way. Easy to install and they work great. Even my 10 year old son can raise and lower his own bike.

5 Stars Garage Bike Hoist...#2

Marc from IL wrote (March 24, 2015):

Already had one, girlfriend bought bike to join me cycling. Sturdy product, easy to set up, well made. Keeps bicycles from interfering with walking space around cars.

5 Stars Well worth the price!

Dweight from UT wrote (December 20, 2014):

Bought 2 of these to keep my bikes out of the way. They were easy to install and easy to use. Pulleys are built of sturdy material. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

4 Stars Good and very useful

Antonio G-R from CA wrote (December 16, 2014):

Great product. really makes it easy to store my bikes when I don't have any more floor space and lots of ceiling space... Might have to get a few more :)

5 Stars Bike Cable Hoist System

Glynn from CA wrote (November 11, 2014):

I like this hoist because it is easy to install and easy to use. I already own two...and recently bought five more from Discount Ramps.com to clear up some more of the clutter in my garage. The hoists sold by Discount Ramps.com are sturdy and can be used to hoist and store a variety of items beside your bicycles.

5 Stars Bike Ceiling Hoist

Patrick from MI wrote (October 12, 2014):

If there is a better easier to use and install bike hoist, I would like to see it. This installed easily and works very well. A great value for your money. I considered just making my own hoist. For the price, this is far better than anything I could have created.

5 Stars Great Bike Lifts

Pasquale from MA wrote (September 29, 2014):

I bought 2 of these lifts for my bike and my wife's bike. The first one took me about an hour to put up as I tried to figure how to hang them in my garage rafters. The second one took only 15 minutes to install. They work great and our bikes are out of the way.

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