Silver Spring Aluminum Single-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 600 lb. weight capacity
  • Available in 5 lengths to accommodate rises up to 12"
  • Textured extruded aluminum surface for increased traction
  • Includes steel security pins for moutning and built-in carrying handles
  • Tapered curbs allow exterior doors to be opened without hitting the ramp
  • Folds to 1/2 of its original size or comes apart into two managable pieces for easy transport
Item # Length Maximum Rise Folded Length Weight Availability Price  
SCG-2 2' 4" 2' 12 lbs.
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SCG-3 3' 6" 3' 18 lbs.
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SCG-4 4' 8" 4' 23 lbs.
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SCG-5 5' 10" 5' 28 lbs.
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SCG-6 6' 12" 6' 34 lbs.
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Easily overcome short rises in your wheelchair, powerchair, or scooter with the aluminum single fold wheelchair ramp from Silver Spring. Lightweight aluminum construction, convenient folding design, and the ability to split it into two easy-to-carry halves ensures that you’ll be able to take this ramp anywhere and store it just as easily. A high-traction extruded aluminum surface, 2” side rails, and a solid full-plate lip will keep you safe and secure as you navigate whatever lies ahead.

600 lbs.

Review Summary (Based on 114 Reviews)


5 Stars Great portable ramp for home

Anne from NC wrote (October 19, 2017):

My 99 year old mother reached the stage in which she needed to be in a wheelchair. We were faced with the dilemma of how to get her into our home from her Assisted Living facility for family celebrations. Thanks to your great product, my mother now enjoys visits to our home again. Everybody cheered as I pushed her up the ramp! Thank you for the quality product, great packaging, and free and fast delivery!

5 Stars Should of brought 2-years ago!!

Chuck-Bee Seen Promotions LLC from WI wrote (October 04, 2017):

Made a wooden ramp been fighting with for over two years, just got the five foot Silver Spring Single Fold Ramp, wow should of gotten long ago, love it, love the quality!

5 Stars perfec ramp for little cargo trailer

Barry from MO wrote (August 17, 2017):

We bought this for 4x6 enclosed cargo trailer, it is perfect fit and so handy, also steady We highly recommend this !!

5 Stars portable ramp

john from IN wrote (August 15, 2017):

first time I purchased a ramp. great item. fits my purpose perfectly. free shipping was also nice

5 Stars Great Product!

Valerie Williams from OH wrote (January 16, 2017):

This ramp works great! Perfect for our needs. Feels very safe. Easy to transport.

5 Stars The best ramp for my scooter and my back.

Carlos -disabled Veteran. from FL wrote (December 21, 2016):

This ramp was the best fit for my life. I had to take my scooter apart every time I needed to transport it from place to place. My bad back made it a very painful task. Now I can just load and unload my scooter from my CRV without taking it apart and made an impossible task possible and alot less pain. The 6 foot ramp that folds , lightweight and handle is a bonus for transport. Thank You.

5 Stars Ramp for my boat dock

Captnfyi from FL wrote (November 28, 2016):

I just received the ramp. First of all the it was packaged very well. This is a light weight excellent construction. Exactly as described. This will make is much safer for me to carry all my gear from my dock onto my boat, especially during early mornings when there is dew. I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars Awesome deal

Karen from NV wrote (November 05, 2016):

I bought this for my son. Previously we were lifting him over the thresholds. Now he has the freedom of going in and out of the house without assistance. The ramp is convenient and light enough to take with us. It also arrived fast and was very inexpensive.

5 Stars wheel chair ramp

William from TX wrote (October 27, 2016):

I purchased a 3 foot al ramp for wheelchair use. It works just fine, is light weight, & portable

4 Stars Awsome Ramp

Thomas from KY wrote (October 12, 2016):

Really like this ramp, very light wight & portable. I got the 5 foot ramp for my wife's power chair. Doesn't slip or move when she goes up & down it. Great price, Best I could find on the Net, Very fast shipping and free, You won't find free shipping any other place. Would have given it five stars but it is a bit noisy.

5 Stars Silver spring wheelchair ramp

Henry Young from GA wrote (October 03, 2016):

I ordered a 4 ft ramp for my front door. It fit perfectly and it was light enough for me to unpack and setup myself. It is quieter than my old one. It came on time and is exactly what I needed.

5 Stars Makes life easier and enjoyable

Richard from NY wrote (September 28, 2016):

I can get out now. ninety years young and still on the go thanks to your ramp. My new motto is " ramp it up and go" Many thanks

5 Stars Our Old {Historic} Building

Heather from PA wrote (August 02, 2016):

This ramp was purchased for our very old building. Getting deliveries up the steps was challenging to say the least! This is light, portable, and easy to use. We purchased a second one for a different part of the building so it could be accessible to those with disabilities. They work exactly as intended!

5 Stars 3' Portable Ramp

Michael from southern Indiana from IN wrote (July 20, 2016):

Ordered late Saturday received mid afternoon Wednesday. very prompt service. We have three small steps to negotiate, my wife broke her leg and can't put any weight on it for 10 weeks this portable ramp will allow me to get her out without having to call for someone to help. easy to use and light weight at a fair price.

5 Stars Saves my back!

Rob from MA wrote (July 10, 2016):

Bought this ramp to use with my utility trailer to move some large audio gear. I love the fact that the ramp folds, takes up very little room, and is very light weight.

5 Stars Handy Helper

Jeanne from OK wrote (May 23, 2016):

I purchased the 3 foot ramp and received it in record time. I take it with me when we visit other family members or gong to the park where there are no curb ramps. It is used for my daughter who is in a power chair. It works perfectly on curbs and thresholds and is easy to handle. I thought it would be heavy to carry, but I was pleasantly surprised that I could carry it with ease as I weigh only about 100 pounds. I had been looking for a portable ramp for a long time and this one fit my budget perfectly. Thank you.

5 Stars Saved My Body

Albert from MD wrote (April 01, 2016):

Bought 4' ramp to take wife up/down 2 steps total 9.5'' high. To do this before I got ramp, I had to get me and neighbor to roll her in wheelchair up steps - very, very hard. With ramp, I easily got her up/down steps by myself. Ramp delivered quickly. Ramp is strong but light (24 pounds) and portable. Did not use pins; very stable without pins. Not sure when pins are needed. Ramp instructions should tell how to push/pull wheelchair up/down ramp and when/how pins are needed.

5 Stars Impressed

Tim from OH wrote (March 31, 2016):

Needed this 3' ramp to add to my arsenal of gadgets to get in and out of buildings with my power chair. I have an 8' ramp with the grip tape and in time the tape starts looking bad with scuffs & scrapes. I wanted to try one without the tape and was really impressed with the grip my chair gets on this ramp.

5 Stars Silver Spring single fold ramp

Jack Risen from TX wrote (March 14, 2016):

Purchased for my wife,age 81, who has a bit of a problem with steps into the garage. I did exceed the vertical height recommended for the length purchased but didn't want to eat up another 2 ft of garage space. When we looked at the installed ramp we both thought, "we'll slip and fall on our respective!. But miracle of miracles! Without even a rubber or grit surface we were easily able - barefoot, sneakers, socks only, to go up and down with ease and with no fear of slipping! Your really clever surface cuts is as we had magnets between feet and ramp or super glue! Thanks for a great surface!!

5 Stars Wish I had bought these sooner

Susan from CA wrote (February 19, 2016):

Just love these ramps. I bought two, 2 foot ramps, so that I could easily get my mother out of the house in her wheel chair, boy do they work great! Just wish I had found out about these ramps and bought them sooner. They are very easy to set up and are light weight enough so that I can pick them up and store them away when not needed. Thanks Discount Ramps for have such a great quality product!

5 Stars Silver Spring Single Fold 3 foot Ramp

Ellie from CT wrote (December 14, 2015):

Purchased the ramp to move items in and out of a shed. When folded the ramp stores in very little space. Also the handle makes it easy to carry the ramp. Great price and fast shipping/delivery. Excellent purchase.

5 Stars Wheel chair ramps

Tim from IL wrote (December 05, 2015):

Ramps are convenient because they fold and have a handle that allows the ramp to be carried. The ramps are also easy to open and set up.

5 Stars Best Product Found

C K McDaniel from TX wrote (November 27, 2015):

I shopped many sites and stores and all products were 2x the price and not near the quality. Shipped same day and received 4 days later with Thanksgiving.

5 Stars just what we needed

Lisa from PA wrote (November 18, 2015):

The ramp was the right price and arrived within 4 business days. The ramp is easy to use and store. Seems very sturdy and we think it will be much better than the telescoping ramps we would rent for my grandmother to visit.

5 Stars Perfect solution for my business

John from NY wrote (October 29, 2015):

I have a mobile business in which I need to move heavy equipment into and out of restaurants. I bought a 4' ramp for each of my vehicles and couldn't be happier with their quality, ease of use, and portability.. My equipment weighs about 300 lbs and the ramp handles it with ease. My technicians are able to get the equipment over up to 2 steps safely, which allows me to service customers I otherwise would not be able to.

5 Stars Quality Reliable Product

Tyler from NJ wrote (October 19, 2015):

What I love about the ramp my family bought is what it can do to connect everyone. My family friend Russ was recently paralyzed from the neck down in a crazy accident at the Jersey Shore. The way my house is situated it isn't easy to get someone like Russ into the house. The ramp allowed him to enter my home with a smile and get ready for some college football and home cooked meals. Russ is a genuine and amazing person. The ramp allowing him to come into my house has impacted my family by not only be able to spend more time with him, but quality time watching sports and relaxing not worrying about anything on our minds previously. Trusting the design of the ramp was easy seeing the materials and structure allowing for someone like Russ to travel up the ramp not having to worry about his safety. I can't thank everyone at Discount Ramps for allowing my family to have on of our friends to join us in celebration of him fighting through his physical issues and getting stronger every day. Family and friends are two of the most important groups in our lives and by purchasing the ramp I feel like I'm apart of the Discount Ramps family. All of the buyers seeing and feeling the help that the ramp gives is very satisfying. I'm glad I didn't decide to buy a ramp from anywhere else. I recommend this ramp to anyone looking for a reliable ramp that can hold up to 600 pounds. You don't need to think twice about this product because it's a quality piece.

4 Stars Silver Spring Aluminum Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp

Lisa P. from AL wrote (October 16, 2015):

My husband is using a knee scooter after rupturing his Achilles tendon (while bowling, of all activities). He was not comfortable hopping on one foot up and down our home- to garage- step, so the ramp gives him a safe exit. Not only is he able to get out in case of emergency, he is also no longer house bound! The ramp is light, was inexpensive, and super easy to put in place. It folds, has a handle, and can be stored even after we no longer have daily use for it. One additional plus of owning it, is that we have 2 friends reliant upon motorized scooters who can now access our home.

5 Stars 100% SATISFIED

Kathy Songy from LA wrote (October 08, 2015):

I'm my 90 year old mom's sole caregiver. Since her limitations are mounting, we were in need of help getting her in & out if the house easily. We really needed something useful to get either her walker or wheelchair in & out. We ordered the 4 ft foldable, suitcase type ramp from DiscountRamps. The ramp arrived within a few days & is EXACTLY what we needed! We aren't only totally satisfued, but, extremely relieved to have such a simple way to make my mom's life easier!

5 Stars Great Ramp

Don from FL wrote (October 07, 2015):

My wife was in a wheelchair for 3 months and I had set up homemade ramps to the lanai and garage. She is now in a wheeled walker and the homemade ramps were not safe enough. I bought one SCG-2 for the lanai and liked it so well I bought another for the garage. She is able to walk up and down them easily and now quite safely. Great ramp - good value!

5 Stars silver spring fold ramp

Luis Bravo from IN wrote (October 01, 2015):

My wife rides over the ramp perfectly fine and the ramp is lightweight ramp and my wife alone can carry it while on her wheelchair and the shipping speed is really fast it was delivered to our house within a day or two this ramp has helped us a lot and it has given my wife her independence if anyone needs a wheelchair ramp this is a mud buy ramp. This is the perfect ramp for anyone in a wheelchair best ramp that me and my wife have ever bought.

5 Stars Silver Spring single fold ramp 2' length.

Sankarkumar from NC wrote (September 25, 2015):

Last week I purchased this 2' ramp and it fits in beautifully with our front door even without those pins! It is quite sturdy, compact and movable. I like it. More so my wife who rides over it! Thank you !

5 Stars Silver Spring Single Fold Ramp

C. from CA wrote (September 14, 2015):

This ramp fits our needs perfectly. It is sturdy and feels secure when being used, but can be folded and stored when not needed. It was easy to determine the appropriate ramp length, and the product arrived within days of placing my order. A perfect transaction.

5 Stars Silver Spring 3' Aluminum Single Folding Wheelchair Ramp

Sue from NY wrote (September 10, 2015):

My back door has an odd 5" high tiered threshold entrance from the patio, which made it difficult to get my Mom in & out with her wheelchair. Decided to purchase this 3' ramp & it works perfectly! Just the right length, very sturdy, & easy to fold up to store away between my Mom's visits. Will be bringing it along in the car too for those curbs & step up entrances that seem to always get in her way. Thanks Discount Ramps!

4 Stars great ramp

Bettina from CT wrote (September 09, 2015):

My portable ramp is the perfect solution to my office problem. It arrived today and I found it easy to install and it appears to be very sturdy.

5 Stars Great product

Marie from VA wrote (September 04, 2015):

I'm very pleased with this ramp! It was easy to set up, even from my wheelchair. It's very sturdy and I feel safe when using it.

5 Stars Great ramp at low prices

Deborah from KY wrote (September 03, 2015):

I love this ramp it works great and is about $100 less then I found it anywhere else. I am extremely happy with how easy it is to open up and to fold up and store out of the way when not in use. I would reccomend this ramp to anyone who needs one.

5 Stars SCGPlus-4 Folding 4' Ramp

Bill from TX wrote (September 02, 2015):

I purchased this for a friend that is handicapped and walks with two canes. She is an Evalgelist/Singer and travels extensively. This ramp is perfect as it folds and is easy to load in the vehicle for travel. It is lightweight and very sturdy. It is great for helping her get over thresholds and curbs. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars Great Ramp

Stacy from SC wrote (August 26, 2015):

Love the quality of these ramps, would highly recommend to anyone.

5 Stars Single Fold aluminum wheel chair ramps

Jim cushman from SC wrote (August 13, 2015):

We are thrilled with the purchase and with the product. It will serve us well for the need that we have presently. The shipping arrival to the house was very prompt and we well satisfied with the product, company and delivery.

5 Stars Wheelchair ramp

John from IA wrote (August 11, 2015):

Very sturdy ramp. Just what we needed. Delivery was very fast. Thanks.

5 Stars Awesome 6 foot Wheelchair Ramp!

P from MO wrote (August 10, 2015):

Received the ramp today and couldn't be happier! Visiting elderly mom that normally lives with my sister. Needed help in getting her up 12" steps in garage. This is wonderful. I opened the box and was easily able to pick up the ramp and put it over the steps. It is easily portable to move to other entrances or other homes. She was able to walk down and up on her own with her walker. Easy to manage with wheelchair. Fast, efficient delivery as well. VERY PLEASED and would DEFINITELY recommend

5 Stars 5' ramp

Harold from NE wrote (August 01, 2015):

just got the ramp we ordered. only took a couple of days to get it. received it before they said we would. great quality. will be making future purchases. keep up the great job. thank you!

5 Stars Great ramp

Paul from UT wrote (July 28, 2015):

I have purchased to wheelchair ramps for our business to help us unload equipment. They work great for us: lightweight, sturdy, easy to use, and a good price.

5 Stars Love my ramp!

Carlo from CA wrote (July 20, 2015):

My ramp just came in today and It's Wonderful! Fast shipping and great quality. Definitely impressed with their service. Thank you!

5 Stars single fold 2' ramp

Janet marra from MI wrote (July 19, 2015):

This ramp is perfect for helping to get my Mother out on the deck! It's so easy for the caretakers to use, and provides a smooth transition for the wheelchair. So happy we found this! I highly recommend this ramp.

5 Stars The 3 foot foldable ramp

Craig from TN wrote (July 03, 2015):

I bout the 3 foot ramp and it works perfect for getting my mother-in-law into the house. The ramp is light weight and very easy to use and carry. The portability allows us to store in the house when not needed and take with us to visit other family members, making it easy to take her to other homes to visit. The ramp is light weight yet very sturdy and durable. I highly recommend this type of ramp if your looking for portability and durability. Awesome product.

5 Stars Silver Spring Aluminum Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp

Dave Q from CA wrote (June 25, 2015):

I needed a ramp to assist my mom in and out of the house. She has very arthritic knees and we wheel her in and out of the house. The 6 foot ramp works perfectly over the to 2 step rise. It folds neatly and is very manageable in weight. It has a 600 lb limit, so be careful to consider the weight of the person assisting, the wheel chair, and the assisted; together it can add up to 600 lb quickly. The ramp gives a bit when I roll my mom up and down the incline. I received the ramp pretty quick considering I used standard shipping. Over all I am happy with the product and the service.

5 Stars Wheel chair ramp

Sherri from NC wrote (June 18, 2015):

i bought this for my 85 year old dad and 82 year old mom. Dad just came out of rehab after back surgery and needs a wheelchair to get around. We order this, it arrived on time. It was sure easy to set up and move from doorway to doorway. My mom needs it light enough so she can move it when I go back home. It is perfect for our needs!

5 Stars Very durable and. well made

Steve from OH wrote (June 12, 2015):

I just received my new SCG-4 ramp, and found it to be a very well made piece of equipment. I fell and broke my hip, and I am confided to a wheelchair for the next 3 to 6 months. My wife is taking care of me with no other help in and out of the home This ramp is perfect for our needs. Great price, too. Shipped the same day I placed the order.

5 Stars Nice Ramp

Tim from MI wrote (May 22, 2015):

Light and portable is what we needed and what we got. Very good price too.

5 Stars Easy acess

Lloyd from LA wrote (May 15, 2015):

We have several family members who visit our home who are able to access our home much easier. It is light weight and easy to move around. We can even take with us to other homes.

5 Stars Now he can get out of the house and into friends houses

lkova from CA wrote (May 10, 2015):

The ramp is just what we needed to be more mobile. We have a very heavy ramp/mat system, but it certainly is not portable. This fits the bill and I can take it with us anywhere.

5 Stars Aluminum Folding Ramp

Tom from PA wrote (May 09, 2015):

This ramp works really well for me to wheel my pellet grill to and from my patio to my walk. It makes it much safer than doing it without a ramp. Great product !

5 Stars Love the Silver Spring Folding Ramp,it rates 5+++

Marion, dr mom from NC wrote (May 02, 2015):

I was given a 6' Silver Spring ramp about 2 years ago, as my neighbor was moving into a handicapped accessible apartment. My husband recently had an amputation and is in a wheelchair. The 6' was too long for the width of my van but was perfect to keep at the carport door. After finding the 5' ramp at Discount Ramps, which was a match for the one I had, I called on a Monday morning and it was delivered on Thursday. It is exactly what I needed. I took the ramps apart and they fit the side door of my Dodge caravan and store without having to put a rear seat down. I'm a 79 years old and am able to handle them. Loading the Jazzy chair is easy. Am considering purchasing the ramps for the door sill.

5 Stars silver spring 5ft folding ramp

Fred H. from CA wrote (May 01, 2015):

I like the fact that its light weight, and compact, easy to store and set up. We only need it when sister inlaw who's wheelchair bound visits. I had previously constructed one, but it was permanent and not attractive so this is a good solution.

5 Stars Absolutely Perfect

TIffany from OH wrote (April 30, 2015):

I have been purchasing ramps from discount ramps for three years. I work at a Center for Independent Living, where we assist people with disabilities in maintaining their independence. These ramps are so affordable and so reliable that I always recommend when someone is in need. This is probably the tenth time I have ordered from here and I never am dissatisfied,

5 Stars Great service

Karen GAgnon from NC wrote (April 30, 2015):

Discount Ramps is a company worth shopping with. The ramp (4 ft) came quickly, and was just as indicated on the site. I purchased the ramp, not for wheelchair use, but for my mother who uses a walker. The walker was becoming more difficult to maneuver up and down curbs outside her home. When she is leaving her front door, I have the ramp in place. I then fold the ramp in half (easily), lift it by the handle, and place it on the parking lot curb. It can be placed into the trunk of a car. Very reasonable price!!

5 Stars Does the job

Joe from NV wrote (April 23, 2015):

Does everything we paid for it to do. Light weight and folds for easy transport or storage.

4 Stars 5' ramp. Great purchase.

Paul B from IL wrote (April 23, 2015):

Bought this for loading gear on wheels into and out of a stow and go mini van through the trunk. Works great, folds up to store it. If I was trying to load a wheel chair I'd probably want a longer one since the angle is somewhat steep, but it's perfect for my use. As an FYI it is too wide to fit into the side door of a standard stow and go (dodge or Chrysler) minivan. You'd definitely need to load into the rear of the van. Also- very fast shipping. Selected standard shipping but I had it by noon the next day!

5 Stars Fast service

Carol from MO wrote (April 23, 2015):

I recently broke my first bone and happened to be my ankle. All exits from my home has steps, my husband suggested a ramp. Found the ramp I needed at a very good price and from ordering to delivery was less than 5 days total. I hogy recommend discount ramps!

5 Stars Surprising Purchase - Twice!

Stephen Krupnik from IN wrote (April 20, 2015):

Ordered this ramp for a large gas grill moving project. I must admit I was hesitant because of the low cost. Turns out the ramp was so well designed and built I ordered a second one immediately. Thanks Discount Ramps!

3 Stars 6' ramp

Bill from IL wrote (March 31, 2015):

The ramp works great for loading my scooter into my van. The only problem I have with it is when it came and I opened the box I got metal shavings in my carpet, so it was not cleaned very well before shipping. The other problem I had was the man that delivered it put the heavy box in front of my door and I could not open the door to get it.

5 Stars 3' mobility ramp

Judi from WI wrote (March 29, 2015):

Received thus 3' ramp so very fast and was delighted it was more than great to allow my Husband to get out of the house on his mobility power chair and get some fresh air and a little freedom. Was easy enough For a senior like me to handle. Thanks discount ramps.





HORSE CAMPING PEOPLE from FL wrote (March 24, 2015):


5 Stars Ordered the wrong length, they easily corrected it without holding me up.

Bob from WA wrote (March 19, 2015):

I ordered a 4' ramp and then discovered we needed a 6' one. They walked me through returning it on the phone, sent a label and only charged one fee and not two because I ordered the correct ramp from them, which arrived in just a few days.

5 Stars ten stars for product and service and independence.

Jim O from FL wrote (March 13, 2015):

The first five stars are for service, was having problems with my net connection and went to phone in the order, the gentleman remembered me from a year ago when I placed my first order, must be a great place to work. He processed my order in a flash. The product is outstanding, my outdoor ramp looks as good as new after a year of exposure to the elements. Friends just last week asked if I had purchased a new ramp. I have suggested to numerous friends and to other residents and to the management office to use DR. I am thrilled to have my new portable ramp, I will be shopping for a new home and the ramp with the handle will make it so I can manage the ramp by myself and will not have to depend on the kindness of friends to come with me while I shop for a new home. Thanks Discount Ramps for providing a top notch product that is dependable and easy to use that I now have gained even more indipendenc as I live my life in a wheelchair.

5 Stars The Perfect Ramp

Roosevelt from LA wrote (March 12, 2015):

I'm a double amputee rolling in my wheelchair who really needed a ramp to get in & out of our small apartment . I just got it today(03/12/15)& man i'm glad I got it . Just tried it out and it's perfect.Now my sick wife don't need to help me get in & out of the front door! order #1036600

5 Stars Silver Spring Single Fold Ramp 6'

Jesse from UT wrote (March 11, 2015):

With no intention of offending my kind neighbors who greeted me on the way home from the hospital (twice in the space of 2 years) with a ramp built of OSB and 2x4's, I can't wait to take it down! It doesn't go well with our exterior decor, plus I don't need it all the time so it becomes a nuisance to people coming to our door. So the logical solution was to find something that was there when we needed it, and easily stored when we didn't. The solution, of course was the 6' portable ramp. It isn't light-weight enough for my wife to easily handle, but of course it has to be strong enough to handle me and it certainly is. Problem solved, we got our big front porch back, and I can easily roll outside when I need to, and can use the stair rails and stow the ramp when I don't need it. Solid, manageable, and compact enough to stow in a corner of my over-stuffed garage, it was the perfect solution for me.

5 Stars Silver Spring Aluminum Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp

jerry from CA wrote (March 05, 2015):

This is just what I have been looking for I have a high step in the front of my house and my sister-in-law is not able to come in But now with this new lightweight ramp I can set out and she will be able to come inside for The first time

5 Stars Economical and Sturdy

Julie from CA wrote (February 28, 2015):

With my new, 450 lb. power wheelchair came a need for a new portable ramp. I didn't think I would be able to afford anything decent that could support the weight, but then a friend told me about In no time at all, I found this very economical and STURDY portable ramp in a size that fits perfectly in my wheelchair accessible minivan. The ramp shipped and arrived within just a few days, and it's absolutely perfect for my needs. Thank you for solving this need without damaging my budget!

5 Stars Perfect for loading our electric wheelchair

Ron from NC wrote (February 22, 2015):

These are great, lightweight, easy to transport install and remove. They are extremely strong and we feel completely safe in loading and unloading the char. Would have them a 10+ if I could.

5 Stars Ramp

Wendy from TX wrote (February 22, 2015):

I think it is a great ramp, might over another.

5 Stars 5 foot ramp

Elizabeth from TN wrote (February 20, 2015):

Purchased ramp for a rental apartment so individual could maneuver scooter into home. Our situation was a little unique and when I called, the customer service representative was helpful and clear. Ramp was received in a timely manner and seems to be what we have been looking for.

5 Stars Freedom!

My name is Beth , now i will be able to get out and see more of from MN wrote (February 18, 2015):

Today I received my aluminum 6 ft. wheelchair ramp! I have been having difficulty getting around due to disabilities and not being able to get outside. Getting this ramp was like my birthday to me. The fact that it is portable makes it even better. I now have the freedom to get groceries for my self, but the most important thing is that I have been out of the country for 8 yrs and have not had a way to see my father, he is living in a veterans home. The snow here makes things a little difficult. Now i have an electric wheelchair donated to me and with my ramp the first thing on my list is to see my father . I would like to thank everyone for making this happen for me! :)


FRED from OH wrote (February 13, 2015):

We are very satisfied with the quality of the two ramps and the quick shipment service you provided us. We have an elderly parent living with us now and needed a way to navigate our front steps. The ramps are sturdy, relatively light weight and there is good tread on the surface of the ramps for sure footing. They are relative compact as well which helps us when we need to store them or get them out. The important thing is that the ramps allow my wife or an aide to set the ramps up and take her down or up our steps of our home when mom is to be taken out for a drive. Before this I was always needed to be available to assist them which always limited mom's ability to get out of the house. Now she can enjoy taking trips whenever she wants to get out. In the future when the weather warms up, we can take the ramps along in our van to be used if necessary when we travel with mom. The only wish in the design would be to add a latch to keep the ramps together when they are lifted and carried around.

5 Stars Data Center

J Kidd from OH wrote (February 11, 2015):

Perfect......purchased this ramp to move equipment into and out on our data center's raised floor. Portable, light and easy to store.

5 Stars purchased 2' ramp n it's great easy 2 carry on my electricwheelchair n go 2 othe

Giovano Fusco from FL wrote (February 10, 2015):

Love the ramp, I do not drive a car/van or etc so needed a ramp I could carry on my electric wheelchair the was easy to unfold n fold n wasn't bulky the 2' folding ramp is great for my needs, good price good design... Thanks for selling it, sincerely Giovano koalagiovano.blogspot

5 Stars Functional Ramp

Sharon from MA wrote (February 04, 2015):

Bought this to wheel my snowblower out of the shed and it works great!

4 Stars SCG-3 3' Wheelchair Ramp

Paul from CA wrote (February 01, 2015):

Product is exactly as expected.

4 Stars 2 ft. ramp

Sheryl from MO wrote (January 30, 2015):

I really do like the 2 ft. ramp. Lightweight and easy to handle. Super fast delivery. Works great entering the house in his wheelchair. Thank you! (It would only be better if it had a handle like the 4 ft one that is in my car)

5 Stars Easy and convenient

Kathy from WI wrote (January 20, 2015):

I bought these ramps when my mother fell and broke her ankle and became wheelchair bound. I bought 2 different sizes to fit her entry steps. They work perfectly and are easy and convenient to take in and out. They came super fast and were there when released from hospital. Thanks!

5 Stars single fold wheelchair ramp

John from OH wrote (January 17, 2015):

works very well for light weight scooter. folding is a little hard for 1person. but easier with more use.

5 Stars Awesome as always!

Ryan from WA wrote (January 16, 2015):

I've purchased several things from Most recently, I ordered a used 4' version of this ramp via eBay. Great price, fast shipping, no issues. Very happy with the purchase.

5 Stars This ramp was perfect!!!

Carol from FL wrote (January 14, 2015):

We purchased this ramp for my Dad. He lives in a nursing home and is confined to a motorized wheelchair. We bought to be used the first time at Christmas. He zipped up with no problems. Thanks for the ramp, now he can come visit more often.

5 Stars Heavy Duty @ low cost

Richard from WI wrote (January 14, 2015):

Called the toll free number from my hospital bed. Excellent over the phone service. Free delivery. Ramps were waiting for me when I was released from the hospital.

5 Stars Light - Weight Ramp

Maryann Summa from NY wrote (January 14, 2015):

The four foot ramp was just what we needed to be able to move a wheelchair - bound person over the one step in and out of the house. An added feature is the carrying handle that makes storage easier. It is light-weight and can be lifted and put into place with ease. It is truly a blessing to have!

5 Stars Porta-Fold 6' Ramp

Ryan from SD wrote (January 14, 2015):

Ordered this ramp when my father-in-law was coming to visit with his scooter. Worked great, easy to set up, plenty strong, quick shipping and a fair price. Very satisfied and will look to you again if I need any other sort of ramp.

5 Stars SCG-2 & SCG-3 are great ramps

Robert from TX wrote (January 14, 2015):

I bought the SCG-2 & SCG-3 ramps for wheelchair access to my sunken den. My wife is recovering from an infection after a failed knee replacement and these ramps are a godsend!!

5 Stars Best ramp and customer service

MBI Construction from FL wrote (January 10, 2015):

Customer service is attentive and sincere in providing superb service. Great product

5 Stars wheelchair ramp

Diane Cruz from NY wrote (January 09, 2015):

my husband because of illness can no longer walk and is in a wheelchair our home is a ranch but it has two steps to get in I ordered this to see if it would work for us because I'am not strong enough to pick up the chair and I don't have anyone close enough to help us the neighbor helps me when he is home this ramp is the best!!!!!!! I love it and it gave us freedom to come and go without asking people thank you for making this, Diane Cruz

5 Stars 5 ft ramp

Richard from IL wrote (January 04, 2015):

purchased this ramp to load my lawnmower and my snowblower when in season for use and repair as well as my music equipment. the ramp works great, it is easy to handle and no bending it holds up great. I am 67 and loading is a breeze with this ramp.

5 Stars Wheelchair Ramp

Teresa from MI wrote (January 04, 2015):

Just what I needed. Love it.

5 Stars how happy i am with this ramp.

louis from FL wrote (December 23, 2014):

I bought this ramp to transport my wifes mobility scooter up north as we are snow birds in florida now .we have two scooters one is on a discount ramp carrier that we love. very happy with this company .

5 Stars Porta-Ramp 6'

Ed from IL wrote (December 15, 2014):

The delivery of the ramp was on time as advertised. Easy to install and works very well. We have not yet had the need to take it to another location, but I look forward to it's portability. It folds very easily and it not too heavy. I would recommend this product to others.

5 Stars Porta-Ramp 6

Ed from IL wrote (December 15, 2014):

The delivery of the ramp was on time as advertised. Easy to install and works very well. We have not yet had the need to take it to another location, but I look forward to it's portability. It folds very easily and it not too heavy. I would recommend this product to others.

5 Stars Nice Lightweight Ramp

Janice from CA wrote (December 09, 2014):

This is a versatile ramp able to be moved easily from one door to the other due to it's light weight and the convenient folded size.

5 Stars Porta-Ramp Single Folding 2' length - Item SCG-2

JUlie from WI wrote (December 03, 2014):

This ramp is perfect for my wheelchair and my powerchair. Just what I needed, and the price was great, also very fast shipping. I am very happy with this purchase.

5 Stars Porta-fold 5 foot ramp

Fred from MI wrote (November 27, 2014):

This ramp was purchased to allow to move our Mothers in, out, and around the house. We have found that it works perfectly and would highly recommend this product and company to anyone and everyone. In fact we have already recommended this product to a person we overheard asking for information on wheelchair ramps.

5 Stars Bringing Mom home for the holidays!

Martha from CT wrote (November 25, 2014):

Just purchased the 6 ft ramp to get Mom's wheelchair up two steps to our home for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Thanks to your prompt service and quality product, we can have a real family celebration this year!

4 Stars Ramping up

Mike from NY wrote (November 17, 2014):

I am pleased with the simple effective portable ramp provided. I load crates not people so my review is based on ease of use at multiple locations. So far very pleased with limited use but the handle is solid (that is good news) the hinges are holding�critical. and it is meeting my expectations.

5 Stars Perfect for our church moving carts in and out of a POD

Steve from NC wrote (November 15, 2014):

We bought a couple of carts to help move storage boxes every Sunday (we rent a school gym) and this ramp is great for making it even smoother ever week.

5 Stars Wheelchair ramp

Bob from NJ wrote (November 13, 2014):

Light weight fits my purpose. I use this product to push my lawn mowe up a few steps to get to the grass.

5 Stars Perfect Ramp For Client

Palmer Construction (Paul Palmer) from OK wrote (November 11, 2014):

This lightweight portable ramp was the perfect replacement for him plus the ability to take it along has given him new freedom and confidence. Two thumbs up!!

4 Stars Nice and portable

OsCarolB from WA wrote (November 04, 2014):

Purchased for mother-in-law who uses 2 canes and has difficulty climbing even shallow steps. Tracked shipment on-line and did not arrive when indicated due to unexpected UPS delay. Wanted it to arrive for her 80th birthday party so a little disappointed. Ramp appears to be of good construction and does bend a bit but appears will hold expected weight. These appear to be excellent ramps for the price. I would recommend.

5 Stars Safety and Freedom

Richard from FL wrote (November 04, 2014):

We recently purchased the four foot wheelchair ramp. Found the Discount Ramp Co. easily on line. Order placement, tracking of order and delivery were just a click away on line as well. When the ramp was delivered in a timely manner it was a pleasure to see the product quality..... and the ramp fit perfectly due to the information obtained on the site. We would without a doubt recommend Discount Ramp to any one in need of their products. Prior to getting this ramp it was difficult if not impossible to get in and out of the house. We had asked handy men to construct a portable ramp to no avail...either too bulky or heavy to handle. Our sons all have pick-up trucks and enjoy outdoor activities...looks like a great gift idea as well for easy access to their equipment. Thank you again Discount Ramp for being a reputable on line company. My freedom is back!!!!

5 Stars Easy installation

Al Tubertini from NJ wrote (October 26, 2014):

The customer service rep was great he saw the need that I needed it quickly he made sure it was shipped out that day. I like the product and will do business again with your company.

5 Stars Excellent

Shawn from WI wrote (October 15, 2014):

I practically live in my power chair. Now with this ramp, I can actually get into others houses. This is a new freedom I never expected. I love being able to attend family functions as well as other things we are invited to, that typically we'd have to decline!!! Thanks Discount Ramps!!!

5 Stars Easy, afordable and sturdy

Jennifer B. from IL wrote (October 13, 2014):

I purchased this ramp to help get my father in law up and down the stairs at our mobile home in his wheel chair. After having to carry him up the stairs, the ramp is a god send! Its a little heavy but its no where near as heavy as carrying a 138 lb man in his wheelchair LOL. Its very sturdy and was by far the most affordable.

5 Stars Great ramp, makes my life much easier

Peggy from OK wrote (October 10, 2014):

I bought three ramps like this one of different feet. I have a disabled child and the place where I live has steep stairs. I have had to carry him to the car each time I needed to go any place. I saved up enough money finally to buy the things I needed so I could get my son to the car without having to carry him. This ramp system was perfect. It was light weight, and easy to set up. I seen other ramps on the internet but they cost two or three times the cost. I was so happy when I got my ramps, and it makes my life so much easier. Thank you so much for your great product, which is sturdy, lightweight, and a great value.

5 Stars Light and easy to use.

Bill from TX wrote (September 26, 2014):

I purchased the ramp on line and it was delivered the next Monday. My wife has a mobile scooter and the ramp has made it so easy for her to get out of the house. Since it's portable we can take it with us to friends homes and it makes it easier for all. Would definitely recommend these ramps to friends and family.

5 Stars Makes life easier!

Kathie from IL wrote (September 18, 2014):

Our 27 year old son, although in a wheelchair is very active. The one step into the house from the garage required me to lift the rear of the wheelchair up into the house. Lifting the chair plus his 175 pounds was no easy task. As this is a rental home, we did not want to permanently change the structure so this five foot portable ramp is exactly what we needed. I am thrilled.

5 Stars Porta-ramp

Gina from FL wrote (September 13, 2014):

Like it so much, so light easy to carry anywhere anytime. Compact, durable. Very usefull

5 Stars as advertised

Diane from NY wrote (July 18, 2014):

The ramp was ordered on the 14th and delivered to my door on the 17th. The ramp is as described and easily lets me get my son out of the house in his wheel chair without additional help.

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