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How to Get Rid of New Rubber Mat Odor

 Updated on: September 24th, 2020

How to Get Rid of New Rubber Mat Odor

Your new indoor rubber mat or ramp is exactly what you needed, with one aspect you weren’t prepared for – the odor is strong and very rubbery. Although the rubber smell will fade over time, if you have a sensitive nose you probably want to cut that time right down. Here are a few tips and suggestions to quickly reduce the strong rubber odor from your new purchase:

Clean with white vinegar

Mix water with about half a cup of white vinegar in a large, shallow container and submerge your new mat for about an hour. Pull it out and rinse it down, allowing it to dry outside completely before use. The vinegar will reduce the odor, and drying in the outdoor air will further reduce the smell.

Vent the area well

Keeping a mat in an enclosed space such as a small entryway or breezeway is a surefire way to keep the smell lingering for ages! If the weather is nice outside, open up a door or window and properly ventilate the area so that the strong smell has a place to go.

Sunlight helps the smell
Sunlight helps the smell

Harness the power of the sun

If you live in an area with strong sunlight, especially during the summer, you can make use of that energy by leaving your mat or ramp out in direct sunlight for as long as it takes for the off-gassing smells to leave. Sunlight should not damage your rubber mat, but always check the use or care instructions to ensure that you’re following them correctly. The heat of the sun speeds up the off-gassing process so that you can use your mat indoors quicker. Rotate the mats regularly so that all sides get exposed to the sun.

Please note that leaving your rubber mats in the direct sunlight over an extended period of time, such as weeks or months can cause the rubber to weaken and lead to cracks over time.
peppermint oil
Peppermint oil is a must-have to fight the odor

Dilute the odor with smell-fighting natural scents

Peppermint oil and citrus juices or oils are great at cutting through strong smells. Apply one or the other to a dampened cloth and wipe down the entire surface of the rubber.

The good news is that even without these methods, the rubber smell will slowly dissipate by itself. If you are using the mat in your business, and don’t have time to apply the above tips and tricks or let it air out naturally, consider posting a few signs as a common courtesy to guests and employees, particularly those with sensitive noses.