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Carports vs. Garages

 Posted on: September 29th, 2020

Watch the video above to see how to install a VersaTube carport

If you’re thinking about adding covered storage for your cars, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts or other vehicles, the two candidates that come to mind are carports and garages. Both come with distinct benefits and disadvantages.

Shade, Precipitation
All Weather
Storage Only
Multi-Purpose Storage, Workshop
Temperature ControlTemperature Control
Yes, can be fully climate controlled
Build TimeBuild Time
Carports vs. Garages: Benefits and Disadvantages


Carports are distinctly more affordable than garages as they require less materials to build, come with detailed instructions, and can be built by motivated DIYers in as little as a weekend. Garages often require skilled contractors and a thorough construction plan that must take local zoning and building codes into account. Depending on the thoroughness of the project scope up front and any snags along the way, the process of building a garage can sometimes be drawn out over several weeks and months, which in turn inflates the final cost.

Advantage  Carport


Traditional garages provide full protection for your stored items, which is a huge advantage in climates with harsh winters that get a lot of snow, sleet, wind, and freezing temperatures. Carports are ideal for milder climates where they can protect from the sun’s rays, pollen, rain, hail damage, and similar weather conditions.

Advantage  Garage


Believe it or not, the majority of metal carports can be disassembled and relocated if the need arises. Since they are usually assembled in one piece and mounted to the ground or concrete, they only require some grunt-work and careful maneuvering to reposition. This makes them a valuable asset if you’re moving houses, or decide you want storage in a different part of your property.

Advantage  Carport

If portability is key...carports take the cake


Because they are fully protected and usually framed well, garages can be used to store and house a lot more than just your vehicle. You can turn part of the wall into a workshop, install shelving, and store much more than just a car or an RV.

Advantage  Garage

Temperature Control

Garages also take the cake when it comes to keeping your items stored at a consistent temperature. Carports will see a lot more temperature variation because they are rarely insulated and don’t provide as much protection; particularly the carport models with open sides.

Advantage  Garage

Build Time

If you need protection fast, carports are the quickest option to set up. Many can be put together over a single weekend, with the help of friends. Garages often require skilled contractors, and the process can be drawn out over several weeks and months, which doesn’t help much if you’ve acquired a new vehicle or toy that needs to be stored somewhere quickly.

Advantage  Carport