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Protect the Bottom of Your Vehicle with Curb Ramps

 Updated on: September 20th, 2020

Protect the Bottom of Your Vehicle with Curb Ramps

If you park your truck, trailer, RV or other large vehicle in an area with a rolled curb, you might find it difficult to get out of the area without hitting your undercarriage on the curb. The underside of the vehicle has important components you must protect to avoid long-term issues, so it is important you find ways to avoid scraping or banging the undercarriage while moving your vehicle.

The benefits of using a curb ramp

There are certain types of large, heavy vehicles that will ride a little closer to the ground than other types of passenger cars or trucks. If you have a rolled curb at the end of your driveway, using a curb ramp goes a long way toward protecting those types of vehicles.

The most obvious benefit to using such a ramp is that it simply makes it easier for you to get your vehicle or equipment over the curb. Without a ramp to make the process go smoother, you won’t be able to avoid the jolts and bumps that come with driving down the curb, even if it you take it as slowly as possible.

Curb ramps also reduce the amount of wear and tear passing over that curb would otherwise create for your RV. Because you don’t have to worry about the vehicle or trailer plopping off the curb down on to the road, or scraping against the curb while pulling up into the driveway, there’s going to be significantly less opportunity for unnecessary wear on the undercarriage.

What type of curb ramp should I get?

If you’re in the market for a curb ramp for your vehicle or trailer, you’ll find there are several options available to you. Here are a few examples and some of their pros and cons.

Wooden ramps

The lowest-grade option that many people make themselves is a set of wooden block ramps. These work, but they’re not exactly the most reliable option—they won’t hold up to significant amounts of weight over a long period of usage. You also can’t leave them out in the elements, and they’re typically not going to meet ordinances enforced by cities or homeowner’s associations.

You can probably get away with using wood block ramps if you’re only moving the vehicle or trailer in question a couple times a year, but if you plan on regularly using a curb ramp, you should go with something more durable and sophisticated.

Plastic ramps

The next step up, plastic ramps are affordable and suitable for most cars – just no large RVs or heavier vehicles. Raised tread patterns in the plastic provide extra traction, even in inclement weather conditions, and the lightweight nature of plastic means that you can easily toss them down when needed, transport them or remove them easily for storage. Pyle and Stalwart both manufacture quality plastic curb ramp options.

Metal ramps

Metal curb ramps are more frequently used for industrial construction equipment than cars, however if you decide to use a steel curb ramp make sure it’s coated to prevent rust, and can support the weight of your vehicle as some metal curb ramps are designed for hand truck use instead of vehicle use.

Guardian rubber curb ramp
Our Guardian rubber curb ramp

Rubber ramps

You can find rubber curb ramps made from rubber, and many come in a full width to support your vehicle or equipment. This means going up and down the ramp becomes easier, because you don’t have to use as much precision to align the wheels with the pairs of individual ramps. Rubber supports the heavy weight of vehicles easily, making them the do-to choice for long-lasting, quality curb ramps.

If you’re able to find full-width ramps that can be kept in place 24/7, this will be highly beneficial if you have heavy equipment and vehicles that regularly need to go up and down the curb. The larger investment you make in these more permanent fixtures is more than worthwhile when you consider the added convenience, not to mention the extra protection the ramp offers for your undercarriage.