ATV & UTV Loading Ramp Calculator

If you’re the type of person who carts their ATV around to different trails, jobsites and events, it pays to make sure you’re loading it into your truck or trailer the right way, every time. Discount Ramps is pleased to provide an ATV ramp calculator to help you determine which loading ramp is appropriate for your unique utility vehicle.

How to Use the ATV/UTV Ramp Calculator

To use Discount Ramps’ ATV ramp calculator, you’ll first have to take some measurements. Grab a tape measure and make sure to record the length of your ATV’s wheelbase and ground clearance, as well as the height of the loading surface.


Measure Axle to Axle

Ground Clearance

Measure the lowest point of the ATV to the ground

Loading Surface (Rise)

Measure from the top edge to the ground

ATV & UTV Ramp Calculator

Please enter wheel base.
Please enter Ground Clearance.
Please enter Loading Height.
Minimum ramp length = ft. (1:12 Slope)

Plug all three measurements into Discount Ramps' convenient ATV ramp calculator and you’ll have the minimum ramp requirement for your ATV with just the press of a button! This can help reduce the potential for rollovers and other mishaps that can occur when a loading ramp isn’t appropriate for the job. The calculator takes seconds to use and it’s better safe than sorry!

Now that you know what length of loading ramp you need, find your ATV Ramp!