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The Ultimate Guide to ATV Lift Tables

 Posted on: March 6th, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to ATV Lift Tables
We provide a wide variety of ATV Lift Tables to fit your needs

When lifting up ATVs or any powersport vehicle that weighs over 1000 pounds, safety should always be your number one priority. Using a lift table with the appropriate width, weight capacity and power will make a big difference in the ease of which you can work on your toy, and dramatically reduces potential accidents.

Routine maintenance you can accomplish with an ATV or UTV lift table

  • Change the oil
  • Wash and detail
  • Work on the engine
  • Adjust the shocks

Best practices for lift table safety

Keep the area around the lift clear

If you’re working with limited space, the last thing you want is to start raising your lift only to have an overflowing workbench catch your four-wheeler and damage the body, or your workspace. When lowering the lift, one quick check around the base will prevent you from accidentally coming down on something as simple as a garbage can or toolbox.

Know your ATV’s wet weight

Before using any lift, whether it’s the one in your shop or your buddy’s, know the wet weight capacity of your ATV and make sure that the lift’s weight capacity greatly exceeds that amount. This is especially important if you regularly service more than one ATV or powersports vehicle. The lift should be able to support the largest toy fully topped up fluids.

Keep clear of the hose attached to Lift Table
Keep clear of the hose attached to Lift Table

Keep clear of the hose

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that can cause the most confusion. If your lift table is operated by a compressor, check where the hose is before you load up your motorcycle because if it’s caught under the frame, you might find that you press that “up” button and nothing happens! Be being mindful every time you use your lift, especially if installing a new lift or repositioning a new one, this is a small risk that can be easily mitigated.

ATV Lift Options

A quality ATV doesn’t have to break your budget. Once you determine your needs, such as weight capacity, platform dimensions and lift height range, it’s time to shop for a lift that meets your budget.

Scroll table to show more
Apex Steel Universal Over-Cab Truck Rack BW-1000A-XW-ATV
Apex Aluminum Universal Over-Cab Truck Rack BW-1500AO-V2
Apex Universal Fit Full Size Steel Truck Rack – 1,000-lb Capacity BW-PROLIFT-HDXW-ATV
1,500 lb Capacity Universal Over-Cab Truck Rack UTV-2500-60
1,500 lb Capacity Universal Over-Cab Truck Rack UTV-2500-64
1,500 lb Capacity Universal Over-Cab Truck Rack UF-2200EH-X
1,500 lb Capacity Universal Over-Cab Truck Rack A-2200IEH-XR
1,500 lb Capacity Universal Over-Cab Truck Rack U-2200IEH-XR
Operation Pneumatic Air/Hydraulic Air/Hydraulic Air/Hydraulic Air/Hydraulic Electric/Hydraulic Electric/Hydraulic Electric/Hydraulic
Capacity 1000 lbs. 1500 lbs. 1500 lbs. 2500 lbs. 2500 lbs. 2200 lbs. 2200 lbs. 2200 lbs.
Lift Range 8" to 33" 6.75" to 33.5" 7" to 31.75" 8" to 48.5" 8" to 48.5" 4.75" to 43" 7" to 47.25" 7" to 47.25"
Platform 78.75" x 44" 78" x 48" 105.5" x 48" 94.5" x 60" 94.5" x 64" 67" x 24" 88.6" x 50" 88.6" x 65"
Ramp 25.625" 24" 20" 40" 40" 11" 27.5" 27.5"
Jack Included

Not comfortable with a lift table? Consider an ATV stand instead.

If the thought of relying on hydraulic or compressed air operation leaves you apprehensive, consider something a lot more solid. The Black Widow Aluminum ATV Stand comes with ramps and stops to get your ATV high enough to work on without the scissor lift. It can also be used with some lawn tractors and lawn mowers for basic maintenance.

Black Widow Aluminum ATV Stand
Black Widow Aluminum ATV Stand