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The Best Fishing Rod Holders for Your Boat

 Posted on: April 3rd, 2021

The Best Fishing Rod Holders for Your Boat
Fishing rod holder on the back of a boat

If you spend a lot of time out fishing on the water, a fishing rod holder is a worthwhile investment for you to make. This is especially true if you enjoy trolling; your rod holder allows you to keep a line in the water while you focus on operating the boat safely. But the rod holder can also simply serve as a way to give yourself a break from holding the rod without having to take a break from fishing.

When you start browsing the market for fishing rod holders, you might be surprised at how many options exist on the market. There are trolling rod holders, pontoon boat rod holders, jon boat ride holders and more. With so many options, how do you choose the best for you?

Let’s take a look at some recommendations for fishing rod holders you might consider for your boat.

Rod holders for trolling

Whenever you decide to mount a rod holder to your boat, you’ll want to put a good investment into it to make sure it will last a long time and will be a worthy addition to your boating equipment.

Blacktip Fishing Rod Holder
Blacktip Fishing Rod Holder

One highly recommended and well-reviewed option is the Blacktip clamp-on rod holder, which is made out of stainless steel, ensuring it will last you for years to come. Its internal plastic coating offers some extra protection for rod handles, and because it has a clamp-on design, it is easier than other types of rod holders to install.

Flush-mounted holders are also popular options for people who enjoy trolling. Attwood makes a two-inch flush-mounted holder made of steel and coated with polymers. You can purchase them in zero, 15- and 30-degree models. Included caps keep the holders clean and free of debris when they’re not being used.

You can also find rod holders made with fiber-reinforced nylon, like the SCOTTY Powerlock. This particular version gets bolted to the boat, and has a locking ring that keeps it in place while you’re trolling. Its adjustable nature allows you to fish at different angles.

Rod holders for kayaks

Want to take your rod out with you on a kayak? A rod holder you select for this purpose will need to be light and flexible. Most will be made out of fiber-reinforced nylon or plastic.

Here again, the SCOTTY Powerlock is an ideal choice, even though it needs to be bolted on. Another great option is the Cannon Downrigger, which is capable of accommodating spinning and bait casting rods of various sizes and lengths. The locking bar easily attaches the unit to its mounting bracket that you’ll install on your kayak.

SCOTTY Powerlock  Rod Holder
SCOTTY Powerlock Rod Holder

Other rod holders

There are other types of general rod holders that might not necessarily be used for trolling, and are simply designed to give you a place to keep your rods while you are operating your boat.

For example, the Brocraft Tackle Rack Fishing rod holder is designed for space of up to five rods, depending on the model you select. The rack gets mounted to a vertical surface. You can use this to store and organize multiple rods so you’re always ready to switch your setup for different kinds of fishing, or so that multiple people have a place to set their rods while taking a break from the action. These are great additions to boats, boathouses and storage areas.

Brocraft Tackle Rack Fishing five rod holder
Brocraft Tackle Rack Fishing five rod holder

There are also rod holders that are designed for use on docks or beaches. The Fish-N-Mate Sand Spike is useful if you’re using multiple rods at once, or simply need to take a break from holding heavier rods. It anchors in the sand and holds up to powerful fish and waves.

Consider the kind of fishing you most commonly do and the type of vessel you’ll most frequently use, and that will help you choose a fishing rod holder that is ideal for your purposes!