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E-Bikes and Fat Tires: What Carriers Will Work for My Electric Bicycle?

 Posted on: March 1st, 2022

If you’re interested in going on e-bike adventures farther away from your home, you’ll need to have the proper means of transporting that bike. As you look into the various types of carriers available on the market, make sure you consider your tire size.

If you have an e-bike with fat tires, you might have a few extra challenges with finding a carrier that will work for your bike.

Most bike racks and carriers designed to be attached to cars are designed for conventional bikes and only capable of handling about 35 lbs. per bike. An average mountain bike weighs around 30 lbs., while typical electric bikes start at around 50 lbs., and will weigh significantly more if it is a fat tire e-bike.

What you should look for

Again, a standard car rack or carrier for your e-bike isn’t going to work.

Instead, you should search for carriers rated to handle at least 120 lbs. for two bikes. Most electric fat tire bikes will weigh around 70 to 80 lbs. Now, you still likely won’t be able to carry more than one fat tire e-bike on such a rack, but this at least gives you sufficient carrying capacity to handle one.

If needed, you can also remove the battery for the e-bike during transportation, which will give you an extra seven to 10 lbs. in most cases. Even if you don’t need to remove some extra weight, taking off the battery is still a good habit to get into, as it can help prevent theft and overheating.

Discount Ramps option

The Elevate Outdoor Hitch-Mounted E-Bike Rack is specifically designed for e-bikes and fat tire bikes with a higher weight capacity and wider tire holders.

Elevate Outdoor Hitch-Mounted E-Bike Rack
Elevate Outdoor Hitch-Mounted E-Bike Rack

This particular carrier is manufactured from powder-coated steel tubing for extra strength and long-lasting durability. It is capable of safely holding up to two e-bikes or fat tire bikes, with a total weight capacity of 110 lbs (or 55 lbs. per bike). The entire rack weighs approximately 40 lbs., which makes it easy to maneuver and carry with you wherever you go.

The center post on the rack folds down to make it easier to load the bikes, and the sides fold up when not in use so it can be more compact for storage. Padded arms on the carrier protect the bike frames from damage. The carrier is designed to fit on to 2” hitch receivers. You should not use this carrier with tow-behind trailers or RVs.

In summary: when selecting a carrier for your fat tire bike, e-bike or fat tire e-bike, the most important consideration is the weight capacity. Make sure you know exactly how much your bike weighs so you can select an option that will allow you to safely transport the bike to your desired locations.