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Here’s Why Kicker Ramps Are a Smart Investment for New Skaters and BMXers

 Updated on: September 2nd, 2020

Here’s Why Kicker Ramps Are a Smart Investment for New Skaters and BMXers

If you’re a beginning skater or BMXer, you’re probably still in the process of gathering all the equipment you need to hone your craft and perfect new skills. One of the best investments you can make in your equipment when you’re just getting started out is a kicker ramp.

A kicker ramp is one the simplest kinds of ramps for skaters and BMXers. It is a very simple, short upward ramp that gives you a flat surface off which you can jump with your bike or board. The idea is to make it easier for you to get a little bit more airtime to help you practice some simple tricks you might not otherwise be able to pop high enough for when you’re just jumping off the ground.

Portable kicker ramps work well for little riders too
Portable kicker ramps work well for little riders too

Most beginners aren’t going to be getting a whole lot of air, and almost certainly aren’t going to be hitting the halfpipe. This means the kicker ramp works as a great introductory tool to a lot of the basic tricks and techniques you’ll be able to build on as your skills grow.

Kicker ramps are also highly customizable and portable. You can purchase or make them to the size specifications you need. Because they’re generally shorter and on the smaller side, you can easily store them in your garage and toss them in your vehicle any time you’re heading out to a skate or BMX session.

Freshpark Mini Wedge Kicker
Freshpark Mini Wedge Kicker

Discount Ramps has kicker ramps in stock!

Our Freshpark Mini Wedge Kicker is an ideal solution for new skaters and BMXers looking for an easily portable ramp they can carry with them every time they head out for a session. Some notable features include:

  • Collapsible legs: To make storage even easier, the ramp features collapsible folding legs. Simply collapse and fold them up, and you’ll be able to store flat standing or lying in any designated location in your garage or shed. This also makes the ramp easier to transport in your trunk or truck bed, and easier to set up when you get to your skating or biking location.
  • Durable design: Made out of steel, you can expect this ramp to last 10 times as long as standard wooden kicker ramps. Not only will it hold up to the elements better, but it will also withstand more wear and tear.
  • Easy transportation: We already talked about the benefits the collapsible legs have for transportation, but it’s also important to mention there is a carrying handle included on the board to make it even easier to take with you wherever you go. Plus, it’s a very lightweight ramp—only 23 pounds. Despite that light weight, it’s more than capable of handling constant usage.
  • Large weight capacity: The ramp has a weight capacity of 300 lb., allowing it to easily accommodate most riders and bikers.

This is an ideal ramp solution whether you’re practicing at home, at a friend’s house, at a skate park or any other location. It measures 3’4” long, 19” wide and 12” tall.