Apex Kayak and Canoe Dolly with Seat

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  • Manufactured from aluminum with a nylon fabric seat
  • 220 lb. weight capacity
  • Large pneumatic tires easily handle uneven terrain
  • Allows you to dolly canoes or kayaks from vehicle to beach
  • Built-in support stand keeps cart propped up when loading
  • Can also be used as a portable chair
  • Includes 12' tie-down strap

This handy cart lets you easily dolly your canoe or kayak from your vehicle to the beach, so you can save your energy for the water. The cart has a 220 lbs. weight capacity and a built-in stand to keep it upright when loading. Large pneumatic tires easily roll over uneven terrain and sandy areas for efficient transportation of your watercraft. If you need a break, the cart can also be used as a beach chair for a quick rest.

The KC-Dolly-Seat Canoe and Kayak Cart is designed to dolly boats with a wide or hybrid shaped hull. Foam bumpers spaced 7" apart grip the hull to reduce slipping during transport. Kayaks and canoes with a V-shaped cradle will work with this kayak cart although they may require extra attention to prevent side-to-side rocking. Includes a flip-down stand to help keep the dolly cart propped up onshore for quick loading out of the water. Features two large 9-1/2" diameter pneumatic tires for stable support on uneven terrain, especially useful in sandy areas. When not in use, the kayak cart folds compact to 28"W x 20"H for storage, or it can be used as a handy beach chair to rest and relax in.

Since many canoes and kayaks have different shapes and configurations, best judgment is required for using the tie-down strap properly. It's ideal to have the strap looping through a top-side bungee system or carrying handle to ensure the kayak or canoe does not shift during transport. Be sure the strap does not interfere with the canoe dolly wheels and that it loops through the supports for a firm connection. The Kayak and Canoe Cart frame is made with aluminum tube construction and a reinforced nylon seat.

1' 4"
1' 5-1/2"
9 lbs.
250 lbs.
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