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Canoe & Kayak Trailers / Dollies

Easily transport your canoe or kayak to and from the water with our wide selection of trailers and dollies. A perfect alternative to rooftop transportation, our trailers attach to your vehicle hitch and make it easy to haul your boat. Especially convenient if you have to walk a long distance from your car to the dock, our dollies make moving your boat an easy task!

Find the right trailer hitch with the Curt hitch selector.

How to Tie Down a Kayak

Too often, we see cars driving down the road with kayaks that are not secured properly! Avoid their mistakes by following these brief but necessary steps:

  1. Install your rack
  2. Load and center your kayak between the crossbars
  3. Use cam straps to strap down the bow, stern, and around the rack itself
  4. Tie off any slack in your lines
  5. Stop driving periodically to double-check your straps

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, please read How to Tie Down a Kayak to Your Vehicle.