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Lo-Dock Levelers - Installation Materials & Replacement Parts

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5-7 day build time - *NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS*
  • Modify your loading dock leveler to fit your needs
  • Works with either freight liner or refrigerated models
  • Aids in installation or for replacement of broken parts
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EPAP3 4" 3/4"
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EPRB10 10" 13"
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Easily modify or repair your Bluff Manufacturing loading dock leveler with these available options and accessories.

The Lo-Dock Leveler is the ideal solution for raising the height of your dock! With this dock leveler system you can raise your dock height up to 11" without the need for welding or expensive dock alterations! This innovative dock leveler can be installed right on your existing dock for convenient use! The dock levelers have a simple and quick operation. Lift the self-stored handle on the side of the leveler and pull it to the floor of the dock to raise the lip. Lifting the handle back up again will lower the lip onto the loading surface. Once the lip is in place the handle self-stores on the side of the dock leveler! The lip returns to the stored position once the trailer leaves! The optimum dock height for conventional trailers is 51". The optimum dock height for refrigerated equipment is 55". A refrigerated dock leveler lip is optional and can be added upon request. The lo-dock levelers are available in widths of 72", and 78" and weight capacities up to 25,000 lbs Included with the dock levelers are a set of bumper blocks to protect the back of a trailer and the dock leveler itself! Steel faced bumper blocks are also available upon request.

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