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1 Step PVI Modular XP Aluminum Stair Section with Handrails

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  • Step only; ramps and platforms sold separately
  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum; 100 lb. per square foot weight capacity
  • Single step section
  • Textured extruded aluminum surface and 1-1/2" diameter handrails for increased safety
  • Works with other PVI Modular XP platforms, ramps, and steps to create a custom mobility solution
  • Easy to assemble with basic handtools and requires little to no further maintenance

The Modular XP ramp system from PVI offers a customizable, easy-to-assemble solution for your unique mobility needs. Designed for use alongside ramps, platforms, and switchbacks, this single step section is manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum with a clean, uncluttered appearance that fits in with most surroundings. This system is designed to be freestanding, so it may be used as a permanent fixture, moved, or reconfigured if necessary.

These modular wheelchair ramp systems are strong, durable, portable, and flexible, yet are affordable enough to make it the best alternative to provide quality functional access to many areas. These stairs have a weight capacity of 100 lbs. per square foot and works in conjunction with other ramps and platforms to attain maximum rises of 60" high. Built-in 1-1/2" thick handrails are ADA compliant and optional ADA extensions and guard rails with vertical slats are available on request.

Please call our customer service department Toll Free at 1-888-651-3431 to speak with a modular ramp specialist who can help you with your specific requirements, layout, and pricing. We can fax you some detailed assembly instructions upon request.

1 - Step Stairs
15 lbs.
Assembly time is approx. one hr per 16' of ramp and approx. 30 mins for landings; site prep, transport, and anchoring not included. These ramps don't have to be permanently attached to a building. Each leg is independently adjustable to compensate for settling of the supporting surface using a half-inch wrench. Ramps can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled at a new site in a new configuration and length. Platforms must have a minimum of one leg anchored on each of the two opposite sides. Each freestanding ramp must be anchored at the upper and lower end. Secure anchoring for the first pair of posts at the bottom is especially important because this adds necessary strength to the lower end of the handrails. Anchoring may consist of lag screws or bolts into wooden surfaces, or anchor bolts drilled into existing concrete, and/or pre-cast pads or poured in place. Using the ADA-recommended slope of 1:12 is preferred; however, when space is limited these system will accommodate slopes up to 2:12. ADA requires handrails on any ramp with a rise of 6 or more, and PVI recommends handrails on all but the shortest ramps unless other provisions are made for the safety and assistance of the user. Please note that some codes mandate handrail spacing, and or vertical slats.
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