PVI Modular XP Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp with Handrails - 100 lb / sq. ft. Capacity

Whether you need to make your home more accessible or your business ADA compliant, these modular ramps offer a customizable, easy-to-assemble solution. The ramps have a low-maintenance aluminum construction with a clean, uncluttered appearance that fits in with most surroundings. This system is designed to be freestanding, so it may be used as a permanent fixture, moved, or reconfigured if necessary.

  • Modular ramp system creates custom configurations for home or commercial use
  • Can bring your business into ADA compliance
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction with handrails
  • Freestanding structure can be moved or modified if needed
  • 36" wide ramps
  • Contact us about optional white powder-coated handrails
  • Made in the USA
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA

Modular XP Ramps - Ramp Sections

Item # Ramp Length Weight Manufacturer Part # Status Price
Mod-XP-Ramp-3-HR 3' 45 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-3.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-4-HR 4' 55 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-4.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-5-HR 5' 64 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-5.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-6-HR 6' 82 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-6.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-7-HR 7' 92 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-7.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-8-HR 8' 101 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-8.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-9-HR 9' 110 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-9.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-10-HR 10' 120 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-10.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-11-HR 11' 139 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-11.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-12-HR 12' 148 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-12.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-13-HR 13' 158 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-13.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-14-HR 14' 167 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-14.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-15-HR 15' 176 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-15.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-16-HR 16' 194 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-16.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-17-HR 17' 204 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-17.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-18-HR 18' 213 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-18.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-19-HR 19' 223 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-19.0-HR
Mod-XP-Ramp-20-HR 20' 233 lbs. Mod-XP-Ramp-20.0-HR
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Modular XP Ramps - Platform Sections

Item # Weight Length Width Height Status Price
Mod-XP-Platform-48X48-HR 72 lbs. 48" 48" 5.5" min. 60" max.
Mod-XP-Platform-60x60-HR 113 lbs. 60" 60" 5.5" min. 60" max.
Mod-XP-Platform-60x96-HR 163 lbs. 96" 60" 5.5" min. 60" max.
Mod-XP-Platform-45-DegreeAngle-HR 30 lbs. 38" 36.75" 4" min. 60" max.
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Modular XP Ramps - Stairs

Item # Weight Status Price
Mod-XP-Stair-1-Step 15 lbs.
Mod-XP-Stair-2-Step 51 lbs.
Mod-XP-Stair-3-Step 64 lbs.
Mod-XP-Stair-5-Step 93 lbs.
For shipping quotes and ordering, call us toll free at 1-888-651-3431

These all aluminum modular wheelchair ramp systems are the perfect solution for both home access and commercial use and can bring your business into ADA compliance. Do not risk a lawsuit by not being up to federal ADA standards. This 36 inch wide modular ramp system has a load carrying capacity of 100 pounds per square foot. These modular ramps consist of standard components that can be assembled quickly and easily with common hand tools. The modular wheelchair ramp components make it easy to move the ramp to a new location or change the configuration. Straight ramps, 90 degree turns, 45 degree turns, and 180 degree switchbacks are designed to meet ADA recommendations. Standard handrails consist of two 1-1/2 inch diameter horizontal rails. (Optional ADA extensions and guard rails with vertical slats are available on request.) This system is able to accommodate architectural inserts to complement the surroundings. These modular wheelchair ramp systems are strong, durable, portable, and flexible, yet are affordable enough to make it the best alternative to provide quality functional access to many areas. These are great wheelchair ramps for the home or for a business to bring you up to ADA requirements. Custom sizes in one foot increments are available at the guaranteed lowest prices. Please call our customer service department Toll Free at 1-888-651-3431 from 8am-5:30pm Monday through Friday for a modular ramp specialist who can help you with your specific requirements, layout, and pricing. Shipping is not included with the modular wheelchair ramps. We can fax you some detailed assembly instructions upon request. We will guarantee the lowest prices on a modular wheelchair ramp anywhere!!!

As reqiured - 4' minimum
100 lbs per sq. ft.
Slip resistant grooved aluminum
36" - 38"

Product Features

  • APPEARANCE: The PVI modular wheelchair ramp with standard handrails has a clean uncluttered appearance that will fit in with most surroundings.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: The all aluminum design has a lifetime durability in all kinds of climates without periodic painting or renewal of preservatives. The aluminum alloys used are resistant to salt corrosion. The modular ramp system may even be used in coastal areas and cold climates that use deicers.
  • PERMANENT BUT MOVABLE: The PVI modular ramp serves the purpose as well or better than a permanent concrete ramp, but can still go along with the user if they move, or can be removed and resold when no longer needed. This ramp system is designed to be freestanding and totally independent of the existing structure. In many areas this simplifies compliance with local codes and in many areas eliminates permit requirements.
  • FLEXIBLE MODULAR COMPONENTS: If or when the ramp is moved or resold, it is easy to add to, subtract from, or reconfigure the modular components at the new location. This feature makes the system attractive to lease/rental opportunities that may be available with insurance companies serving rehabilitation needs.
  • QUICK, EASY ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION: The modular components of the PVI ramp are designed to be quickly and easily assembled with simple hand tools, and set in place without the need for construction equipment. A van, pickup, or small trailer is all that is needed to transport the ramp components (or the shop assembled ramp) to the site.
  • QUICK AND ECONOMICAL SHIPPING: The modular components are stocked and warehoused, so an order can be filled and shipped on short notice. The lightweight aluminum design and plant location make it economical to ship to any part of the country. Shipping cartons can be handled with ease.
  • Handle Diameter 1.5"
  • Number of Steps:
  • Platform:
    Mod-XP-Platform-45-DegreeAngle-HR: 45 Degree Angle
    Mod-XP-Platform-48X48-HR: 90 Degree Turn or Straight Through Landing
    Mod-XP-Platform-60x60-HR: 90 Degree Turn or Straight Through Landing
    Mod-XP-Platform-60x96-HR: 180 Degree Turning Switchback Landing
  • Stair Outside Width is 44.5
  • Side Curbs is 2"
  • Stair Rise Per Step Adjustable from 4" - 8"

Warning and Usage Guidelines


  • RAMP & LANDING ASSEMBLY: Complete, detailed assembly instructions are included with each ramp. Assembly time for ramps is approximately one man hour per 16 feet of ramp length. Assembly time for landings is approximately 1/2 man hour. Ramps can be assembled in subassemblies for easy transport to the job site. Site preparation, transport time, and anchoring time is not included.
  • FOOTINGS AND ANCHORING: The PVI modular ramps are designed to be freestanding, independent structures that do not have to be permanently attached to the building it serves. Each supporting leg is independently adjustable, so any settling or heaving of the supporting surface can be adjusted quickly and easily with a single 1/2" wrench. The ramps are also designed to be disassembled, moved, and reassembled at a new site in a new configuration and length. Platforms must have a minimum of one leg anchored on each of the two opposite sides. Each freestanding ramp must be anchored at the upper and lower end. Secure anchoring for the first pair of posts at the bottom is especially important because this adds necessary strength to the lower end of the handrails. Anchoring may consist of lag screws or bolts into wooden surfaces, or anchor bolts drilled into existing concrete, and/or pre-cast pads or poured in place.

Slopes, Handrails, and Layout Considerations

NOTE: ADA compliance is usually optional (guideline only) for ramps to private homes.

  • SLOPES: The ADA recommended slope of 1:12 is preferred when possible. However, when space is limited or other considerations require a steeper ramp, the PVI modular ramp system will accommodate slopes up to 2:12. Any slope selected must consider the capabilities and safety of the users and their equipment.
  • HANDRAILS: ADA requires handrails on any ramp with a rise of 6" or more. The PVI modular ramp system is available with or without handrails, however, we recommend handrails on all but the shortest ramps unless other provisions are made for the safety and assistance of the user. Some codes mandate handrail spacing, and or vertical slats.
    • Overall ramp width on the standard 36" wide ramp is 40.5" to the outside of the handrails, and 44 1/2" to the outside of the standard legs.
    • Overall length of individual ramp segments are as follows: 4', 5', 6', 7', and 8'. These segments are used in combinations to make lengths from 9' and longer in increments of 1'.


Instruction Manual


ADA Specifications for Wheelchair Threshold Ramps and Landings
How to Choose the Correct Wheelchair Ramp
Aging in Place: Essential Home Safety Modifications
ADA Building Codes for Modular Wheelchair Ramps
Wooden Wheelchair Ramps vs. Aluminum Ramps
Modular Wheelchair Ramp Build Site Evaluation
ADA Ramp Slope Guide: Finding the Proper Length for your Wheelchair Ramp

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)



DANIEL PETROUSKI from IL wrote (August 24, 2015):


5 Stars Worth the purchase - excellent fit!

Rey from TN wrote (April 06, 2015):

Both of my elderly in-laws came to live with us -- one has dementia and was at the time in a wheelchair and the other is a recent leg amputee and confined to a wheelchair. I built a deck, leveled to the back door, and needed a ramp for easy access in and out of the house. The PVI modular ramp was the perfect fit to meet my need. I only required a minimum of 12 feet so three 4 foot sections with the appropriate matching hardware made it simple to give me a finished setup. Each 4 foot section came in a separate carton and it is best to keep these cartons as a unit and assemble them as a unit in order to maintain clarity of your assembly process. The instructions are not the best, however, the ramp is fairly easy to put together. One person can do it alone, but a second person would make it much easier. I can easily move or remove it and you would never know I had a ramp in place. Great product and great assistance in the purchase.

5 Stars 16 foot Ramp no platforms

Tom from TX wrote (January 15, 2015):

Purchased ramp based on online research.. Ramp assembly is fairly simple, but the instructions in the individual boxes are a little confusing.

5 Stars PVI Modular Ramp-Great Product

John from OH wrote (January 14, 2015):

We were concerned with handicap access for our office that is a converted house with a basement. We went through several wooden ramps that needed a lot of maintenance and we needed a better solution . We were concerned with the cost but the PVI is to quality and exceeded our expectations in every way. The modules were easy to order and assemble, provided perfect wheelchair and handicap access, complied with ADA, and looks as good as new after many hard, snowy winters, without any maintenance.