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Black Widow ProLift Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table - 1,500 lb Capacity

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Key Features:

  • Perfect for any size bike weighing up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Foot pedal-operated using a deluxe air hydraulic pump
  • Extra-long 105-1/2" table

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8' 9-1/2"
350 lbs.
Maximum Capacity:
1,500 lbs.
AAIA Part Type:
Base Color:
Vehicle Type:
Cruiser or Touring
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Make adjustments to the table-lowering speed using the bolt and washer located on the foot pedal, and use the locking bar to stabilize the table at one of eight heights from 19" to 31-1/4" off the ground. When your motorcycle is loaded and raised to the appropriate level for making repairs, remove the 20-1/8" by 12" drop-out panel to provide easy access for servicing the rear tire, sprockets, and drive shaft. Replace the drop-out panel with our optional Roller Plate (BW-PROLIFT-HD-RL; sold separately) to spin the rear tire freely for general maintenance such as oiling the chain or cleaning the rims. During the off-season, use this Black Widow motorcycle lift table for storage and prevent flat tire spots by keeping your bike off wet pavement. Heavy-duty steel wheels at one end of the lift table allow you to maneuver it conveniently around your shop or garage like a dolly - even when it's supporting a 1,500-lb motorcycle.

We have outfitted this pneumatic motorcycle lift with an oversized front tire wheel clamp and a full set of safety features to make it as easy as possible for you to load, secure, and lift your bike all by yourself. Use the 20" removable approach ramp to load your motorcycle safely, then push the bike all the way into the adjustable wheel clamp to keep it upright while you tighten the wheel vise and attach safety straps from your motorcycle to the lift table's built-in tie-down points. A foot pedal attached to an air compressor (not included) provides hands-free operation.

Easily raise the front or rear tire of your bike with the included Motorcycle Lift Jack. The Motorcycle Lift Jack includes a set of 3-1/2" and 5-1/4" interchangeable supports topped with rubber to grip the bike's frame and prevent scratches. Use the hex head socket handle to raise and lower the scissor jack, and lock it in place using a handy six-position safety locking system.

  • Perfect for any size bike weighing up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Foot pedal-operated using a deluxe air hydraulic pump
  • Extra-long 105-1/2" table
  • 90 - 110 psi air pressure required
  • 31-1/4" maximum lift height
  • Rear drop-out panel to easily service rear wheel
  • Adjustable front wheel clamp fits tires up to 7-3/4" wide